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Hi, I'm Greg - that's me over there, taking a break from tirelessly churning out valuable content for Keap user.

I believe the recipe for success is three parts:
Strategy + Training + Tool = Results.

Keap is the tool. The strategy is your plan for growing your businesss. And the training is where I come in - designing resources to help you successfully execute your plans (and dream up new ones along the way).

If that sounds valuable to you then you're in the right place. Sign up below and I'll let you know when there's new content available.

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Randy E

"Every time I’ve read your blog or log into the private Facebook user group I learn something new from the Monkeypod gang."

Randy E. | Keap User

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"Greg's in-depth knowledge of Keap, together with an incredible sense of humour, make him the perfect person to calm you down if you are struggling.."

Magdelena O. | Keap User