The Campaign Builder Trilogy

Infusionsoft's Most Powerful Feature

This course is for anyone who knows they could be doing more with the campaign builder.

Like most tools, the more you understand it, the more powerful it becomes.

Your CB Trilogy Includes:

CB: Chapter One

The foundation you need to start using the campaign builder. This 88-minute course covers the core concepts you need to confidently begin using the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder. CB: Chapter One lays the foundation necessary to becoming a seasoned campaign builder. Your registration unlocks three months of complete access.

You are 88 minutes away from knowing:

  • The critical campaign building blocks Campaign navigation and campaign tool palette
  • How goal settings work
  • The three types of automation
  • How to publish and test your campaigns
  • The 9-Step Campaign Process (…from design to launch)

Yup, we’ve got a handful of bonus items (like how entry points work, and quick campaigns you can build NOW) that you’ll get access to as well.

CB: Chapter Two

In this 130-minute chapter we dig in deeper where the first chapter left off. We’ll cover decision diamonds, timer types and other critical campaign builder know-how. As you likely know, segmentation is one of the core concepts behind effective marketing- and the campaign builder can segment with the best of them. Registration unlocks course content immediately for three months of access.

After CB: Chapter Two you’ll be able to:

  • Manually start and stop campaigns -Configure campaign sequence settings
  • Understand and use decision diamonds
  • Understand and configure new goal methods
  • Find ways to use the campaign dropdown menu(Part 1) to save time
  • Know which sequence processes are available and how they fit in your business
  • Know the three timer types and how to use them

In addition to 3 months of unrestricted on-demand course access, you’ll get a series of bonus videos covering the Snap app, tag based reporting and cleaning up your database. Let’s party.

CB: Chapter Three

Here comes another 84 minutes of gold. This time we go much deeper into the advanced campaign uses, strategies, and best practices, and we even do a behind the scenes campaign analysis of a live customer campaign.

Ready to start? Unlock all chapters (with a little bundle discount).

Spend 84 minutes with us and you’ll:

  • Understand campaign reporting to measure your success
  • Be able to build looping or linked campaigns
  • Modify your live campaigns with confidence
  • Understand The 7 Day Shadow rule
  • Get to see a handful of live customer campaigns and how they work
  • Be introduced to the Infusionsoft Marketplace with 3 recommended free campaign templates

Learn Campaign Builder From A-Z

Wait, what was that part about it expiring...

What's with the 90-day expiration?

Alright - hear me out: The courses are all fairly short. Each course is between 4-8 hours of total content, and could easily be consumed over the course of a few days, or a few weeks. The reason I added the 90 day expiration was to help give people an incentive to consume it.


Running a small business is hard, believe me, I know. And things pop up all the time that demand our attention. But without any sort of deadline it's really easy to buy a course and then just let it sit there telling yourself "I'll get around to it".


This expiration is here to help you prioritize the course content. If you have questions about that don't hesitate to reach out to me.

What people are saying…

The Campaign Builder lessons were terrific! I was impressed enough to also buy the Life Cycle Marketing course and the mini-pod series. I very much enjoy Greg’s teaching style, and the fact that these lessons are self-paced allowed me to watch and re-watch until I felt confident it had sunk in. I am starting to enjoy the OG membership as well. Great job, Greg!!

Daniel Perry

Orlando Lawyer; Former Judge; Former General Counsel, Identity Commons, Inc.

Greg! I wanted to share my thanks for the CB Trilogy. I stumbled across your website and your program it has made the whole process so exciting and I can’t wait to start.

Your program is so clear and easy to follow, I have already recommended you to two people I know. Thanks again.

Michele Justin

Business Support Manager, Mindvation

Infusionsoft is a very powerful tool which allows you to conduct sophisticated marketing campaigns and to keep your clients happy with regular, automated communication.  The fact that it is so powerful can also make it difficult to use.

Greg’s video series on the campaign builder makes Infusionsoft much easier to understand and use.  Greg takes complex concepts and makes them easily accessible for the average user.
I found Greg through one of his free video tip.  The tip opened up a whole new way for me to use Infusionsoft.  I was more than happy to pay for the video series.  In the series, I learned at least 10 simple, yet very powerful, things about Infusionsoft that I had never known. I highly recommend it.
Jim Hacking

Immigration Lawyer, Hacking Law Practice

Master Infusionsoft’s most powerful feature.

Fewer questions. Faster results.

I met Greg when he served as the trainer of Infusionsoft University. Within about 10 minutes you notice that Greg is one of the most skilled Infusionsoft users and trainers out there. While his knowledge of the software runs very deep, his ability to make the product understandable to clients is just as impressive. Greg cares about small business owners and their success.

Neil Schneider

CEO and Executive Producer, Sonoran Studios

“It’s really amazing. It’s a great trilogy. From beginners, to more experienced guys – it’s worth it to go have a look.”

Rob Konrad


Greg is the best Infusionsoft instructor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is able to connect with his audience and break down concepts into easily digestible segments for them to learn. Greg is also a ton of fun and I can’t think of a better person to spend time with when trying to learn campaign builder, or Infusionsoft.

Todd Meyer

Product Manager, Infusionsoft

After several false starts, I made more progress using Infusionsoft in a single week than I did in the previous four years. I made this progress from applying what I learned in Chapters 1 and 2 of the Campaign Builder Trilogy. I’m beyond pleased by the value, AND I still have Chapter 3 in the bank!

Steve Weber

Speaker and Conference Host, Speaking Gump

Tyler Chianelli

Founder, Option Trading Coach

I have been an educator for over 25 years and have been building online courses since the early 2000's. I've also taken quite a number of Infusionsoft trainings, and I can say without a doubt that I have gotten more out of Greg's trainings at Monkeypod in just a few weeks than any other I have taken. A great teacher is one who can give the most important information but also deliver in a clear and effective manner. All the training materials are oriented to give immediate application without extraneous add-on. If you really want to learn how to work with Infusionsoft, take these trainings and follow the clear steps Greg has outlined and you will definitely reap the benefits.

Whitney Lowe

Director, Academy of Clinical Massage

Can't decide? No worries.

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