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Thanks to a partnership with Keap,
I can now offer all Monkeypod Courses to all Keap users free of charge (hooray).

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IS Starter Kit
This course is for anyone who is just starting out with Max Classic version of Keap , or just starting to take it seriously. With 40 short modules, we're going to put the foundation in place that you need to really start getting using Keap with confidence. (Max Classic Only) Price: $97

Keap Starter Kit

Keap Pro Starter Kit
This course is for those just starting out with the Pro version of Keap, or just starting to take it seriously. We'll cover the high level approach to using automation, and the foundation you'll want to really start getting using Keap Pro with confidence. (Keap Pro Only) Price: $97

CB Trilogy
This course covers the Keap Campaign Builder from A-Z in three comprehensive chapters. It was recorded in Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft), but could be valuable for any Keap users with the Campaign Builder (Pro, Max, Max Classic). Price: $257

LCM Real Life
This course covers the high level concepts of Lifecycle Marketing, and using automation throughout the entire customer journey - taught through the context of the Campaign Builder. (Pro, Max, Max Classic) Price: $127

Ecommerce Pod
Follow along as we explore the entire Keap Ecommerce section from start to finish. We'll cover everything available in Max Classic - from product set-up and fulfillment campaigns, to discounts and billing automation triggers. (Max Classic Only) Price: $147

Referral Pod
This four part course is for Max Classic users looking to launch a referral partner program. We'll walk you through the strategic thinking and technical configuration required, how to recruit partners, keep them engaged, and pay out commissions. (Max Classic Only) Price: $127

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