Keap Audit Checklist

Is your Keap account a bit...messy? If you have a hard time finding the info you need, then it's time for an audit.

Stuff piles up, I get it. Does your app feel bloated? Does it load slowly? Or maybe you inherited an application that someone else built and you just don't know what all this junk was for?

If any of those sound familiar, then it might by time to give your app an audit and freshen things up. This 21 Point Checklist is easy to follow and covers most of the major elements you'll want to review as you clean up your app.

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Reno Greg

"It's always easier to stay organized than to get organized - but hey, we're all human.
This checklist will help give you a solid framework for tidying things up."

Greg Jenkins | The Monkeypod Guy