Tools Ebook

The right tools make all the difference. 

There are new tools, apps, and plugins coming out every day - and I won't pretend to have tested them all, but here are the top tools I use to grow my business.

Pam Blackman

As a systems gal, I love exploring the tools that others are using, just in case they happen to help me too. 

This e-book is a quick read, and super valuable.

Pam Blackman, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, The Stream Effect

Brett Farr

I'm pretty sure Greg wakes up every morning and asks himself how he can create amazing value for his community. Then under-promises and over-delivers on everything he does. I'm grateful that Greg's taken the time to produce, yet another, valuable resource to empower small businesses and his community. 

Brett Farr, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Blick Digital

"Small businesses need tools more than anyone else - it's how we scale. But with literally an infinite number of options, where do we begin?

By sharing the tools that I trust, and have helped Monkeypod grow - my hope is that you'll find a few that make your life easier too."

- Greg Jenkins