Infusionsoft 101 Mini Course 

Essential advice for beginners, so you can start with a stable foundation.

This mini course is a compilation of advice and insights from our real world experience using Infusionsoft in our businesses, and with our clients - think of it as the things we wish we'd known on day one.

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Do you ever feel like you missed the first day of class in Infusionsoft school?

And by Infusionsoft, I mean the platform now known as Keap. We just recorded this course before the name changed.

Marketing Automation Path

I interviewed twelve business owners who use automation in their own businesses, and with their clients.

I asked them to share what they've learned on their own journeys, and what they wish they'd known when they were just starting out.

This course is a compilation of the most important lessons we've learned, packaged up for you. Sound good?

Yes Please

Course Agenda: here's what you can expect

Module 1: Start Small

start small and simple

No matter how ambitious your long term automation plans may be, you have to start somewhere. This module talks about the benefits of starting off small, to build momentum that will set you up for long term success.

Module 2: Get Going

robots can do the boring stuff

Automation opportunities are everywhere, so how do you know where to begin? In this module I asked the interviewees where they recommend a brand new Infusionsoft user focus as they’re getting started.

Module 3: Keep it Simple

Infusionsoft 101 Kenda Macdonald

In this module Kenda shares a few of the tips she and her team of ninjas has for seeing success early in your Infusionsoft relationship.

Module 4: All-in-One

add ons are great

Even with as robust and powerful as Infusionsoft is, it is likely not the only tool you’re going to need. In this video we talk about the role Infusionsoft plays, and the ecosystem of add-ons that can help enhance it’s power.

Module 5: Pro Tips

Infusionsoft 101 Brad Martineau

In this video Brad, CEO of Sixth Division, shares a his thoughts on the phrase "marketing automation", and a few tips for an Infusionsoft user on day one.

Module 6: Using 100%

focus on the basics

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t need to use 100% of Infusionsoft to be successful. Your recipe for success is personal - start by figuring out what your business needs, and then focus on doing 100% of that.

Module 6: First Steps

Screenshot of Tyler with hands up

Tyler Garns, CEO of Box Out Marketing, shares the first four steps he recommends for all of his clients - and anyone getting started with Infusionsoft.

Module 7: Next Steps

recipe for success

This module recaps some of the most important lessons from the prior videos, and lays out some advice and a few options for help and support as you move forward with the software.

This course also includes two bonus modules highlighting key campaigns that every Infusionsoft user can benefit from.

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