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Like any tool, Keap becomes more
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The OG Membership is designed to equip and support Keap users.

The recipe for success with Automation

I actually believe that the recipe for success with automation is simple, it goes like this:

Strategy + Tools + Training = Results

The strategy is your blueprint – it’s what you’re setting out to create.

The tool is Keap – whether it’s Pro, Max, or Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) – and it’s a powerful one.

And the training is where Monkeypod comes in – education and training is really all I’m focused on.

I think of it this way – if you’re setting out to build a house, you’re going to need a blueprint (that’s the strategy) and you’re going to need a hammer, nails, and a saw – right? Those are the tools.

But even if all you have are those things, it’s going to be difficult to follow the blueprint, because using those tools takes training, and expertise.

And that’s where most people fall down – because when they buy Keap, they think of it as a solution, rather than a tool.

That may sound like semantics on the surface, but it’s an important distinction – because a solution doesn’t require much of you – you just apply it and it solves the problem.

But with a tool, especially a powerful one like Keap – using it successfully has a learning curve.

Monkeypod exists for one simple reason: To help more businesses get past the initial learning curve and start seeing results.

I think education is the key to maximizing your monthly software investment, and I’ve created a deliberate set of resources for anyone looking to reduce the amount of time they spend troubleshooting and sifting through help articles, or the amount of money they spend on outside consultants.

I don’t have a silver bullet, or a quick fix – but I do have an arsenal of resources that are specifically designed to help you get past the learning curve, so you can use Keap with confidence, and reap the benefits of automation.

If that sounds appealing, check out the free courses I’ve created to help folks like you.

And, if you’re feelin’ pretty good about your foundation, or you just need a place to ask specific questions as they come up – check out the OG Membership.

Looking for something specific?

Here are some nice things that people have said:

I’ve got a keen eye for people who are genuine, and that’s why I keep Greg in my inner business circle. Before Greg offers anything, I already know it’s going to be legit, high quality, and valuable. PLUS, genuine attracts genuine, so when he recommends a person or product, I am all ears!

What I especially admire and love about Greg is his honesty, down-to-earth vibe, and sincere caring for my business. As a business owner, I have to stand up to many challenges and obstacles. What a relief it is to know that someone is always on MY SIDE looking out for my best interests! Thank you Greg!!!

Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC

Founder, MusicTherapyEd.com

I wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given me, I have purchased most of your programs and I found them not just useful but they were so easy to understand (you know IS is not the easiest program to get) plus they were really down to earth, your personality really comes through. I have watched them all at least twice and each time I pick up something new.

So, it was a no-brainer to join Monkeypod OG, everyone in there is so helpful. I especially like the updates to IS that you provide inside OG.

Dean York

Promotional Consultant, PMG Plus

Greg Jenkins and Monkeypod Marketing are the best.  When you have someone like Greg in your corner I don't see how you can lose.  He is one of the most giving & patient guys there is when it comes to passing on knowledge.

And when it comes to Keap I don't think there is much he does not know - but if he doesn't he knows key players who do!  And what I love is he explains things thoroughly and you never feel like a question is a stupid question.

Pam Blackman

CEO | Keap Certified Partner, Pam Blackman Consulting

I have worked with Greg Jenkins on and off during the past 2 years and was immediately impressed not just with his knowledge of Keap, but of his business acumen and marketing knowledge.

He has a great ability to translate ‘business talk’ in real, actionable steps that result in better customer retention, increased sales, and more effective marketing and communication.

Jason Huett

Owner- Kicks Unlimited, 5th Degree BlackBelt American Karate, Kicks Unlimited, LLC

Thank you so much for creating your training courses.  The modules are great, and the information is filling in a lot of the gaps I have had since I began with IS.  Even though I have had IS for a while, I felt there were some things missing in my knowledge.

Your expertise is impressive and you relay it in an easy to understand way, which is priceless.  Thank you so much!

Bronwyn Coulthart

Managing Director and In-house Counsel, Seybienne

Greg’s knowledge had me up and running in 2 weeks. I went from no website and 0 emails in my database to capturing over 20,000 in the 1st year and setting up a membership site with over 1,500 subscribers!

I worked with Greg while he was still at Infusionsoft.  It was part of a mandatory training package I bought. I’m a technology guy at the core so I actually didn’t want the training… til I worked with Greg, because it allowed me to go WAY DEEPER with actually implementing my ideas VS. inventing the wheel. Spending time with Greg was great because I came up with the ideas and he showed the “how-to-actually-connect-the-dots”, which far exceeded the expectations I had for the consulting package I purchased.

Starting with Infusion can cause confusion if you don’t have things connected right. Set it right the 1st time.

Like Drake says, “With Greg I went 0-to-100 real quick.”

Dan Wood

Real Estate Coach, Brokerage Nation

Mr. Jenkins is clearly an expert in both Keap and general marketing strategy, but in my opinion his best skill is making these complex subjects easy to process. I delivered Keap training with Greg for almost a year, and was impressed time and time again at his ability to help the diverse audiences walk away feeling confident and capable.

Whether you are an expert looking for a new angle or a beginner who wants to learn the right way the first time…Monkeypod and Greg are a path worth exploring

Mychal Edelman

Trusted Advisor Partner Manager, Keap