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The IS Starter Kit is a foudational training specifically designed to help Infusionsoft users use the platform with confidence.

The no-risk free trial includes immediate access to six select modules from the Starter Kit course - so you can see what this course is all about.

The recipe for success with Infusionsoft looks like this:
Plan + Tool + Training

Marketing Automation Path

If any of those variables are missing - you won't produce the results you're after.

Infusionsoft is the tool.

And this course is all about helping build the foundation you need to feel confident using Infusionsoft to execute your plan.

The IS Starter Kit course covers 40 key features and settings that too many Infusionsoft users skip when they're just getting started.

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Course Agenda:

This Infusionsoft training course progresses through five sections,
highlighting key features and answering common questions.

1. Green Section

Green Section

The green section of this course includes some advice for how you can think about Infusionsoft, and covers features like the Contact Record, Company Record, the Lead Generation section, and MyDay area of the software.

2. Orange Section

Orange Section

The orange section of the course digs deeper into the Admin part of the software, demonstrating how you can import contacts or merge duplicates, and covering concepts like Tags, Custom Fields, the User Profile, and the Branding Center.

3: Brown Section

Brown Section

The brown section takes an indepth look at creating and managing tags (and tag categories), adding contacts, searching for contacts, creating saved searches, and customizing your dashboard with useful information and valuable statistics.

4: Teal Section

Teal Section

The teal section is where we dig into options for communicating with your audience - you'll learn how to use the responsive email builder, how to send and schedule broadcasts (and options for split testing), how to use merge fields, create templates, and an introduction to dynamic content.

5: Purple Section

Purple Section

In the purple section we introduce the campaign builder, and we look at the Lead Scoring feature (and how you can use it to filter your database), and we cover a few tips for how you can measure ROI from Infusionsoft, and suggestions for how you can use the Infusionsoft ecosystem.

Bonus: Gold Section

Gold Section

Don't let this unappealing color fool you - these bonus modules are value packed. We'll cover a few key marketing reports, the linked contacts feature, and introduce the opportunities section of Infusionsoft (which you may or may not wind up needing).

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