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We offer online educational courses to help elevate the way you think about your marketing strategy, your Infusionsoft application, and your business. Yes, you can enjoy these from the comfort of your home, in sweat pants, on your couch.


We offer live educational events in a variety of ways. The common denominator for Monkeypod events is that we intricately blend marketing strategy and Infusionsoft implementation. Check out the options. Do it, I dare you.

Here are some nice things that people have said about us:

I’ve got a keen eye for people who are genuine, and that’s why I keep Greg in my inner business circle. Before Greg offers anything, I already know it’s going to be legit, high quality, and valuable. PLUS, genuine attracts genuine, so when he recommends a person or product, I am all ears!

What I especially admire and love about Greg is his honesty, down-to-earth vibe, and sincere caring for my business. As a business owner, I have to stand up to many challenges and obstacles. What a relief it is to know that someone is always on MY SIDE looking out for my best interests! Thank you Greg!!!

Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC

Founder, MusicTherapyEd.com

I have worked with Greg Jenkins on and off during the past 2 years and was immediately impressed not just with his knowledge of Infusionsoft, but of his business acumen and marketing knowledge.  He has a great ability to translate ‘business talk’ in real, actionable steps that result in better customer retention, increased sales, and more effective marketing and communication. Jason Huett

Owner- Kicks Unlimited, 5th Degree BlackBelt American Karate, Kicks Unlimited, LLC

  Tyler Chianelli

Founder, Option Trading Coach

Greg’s knowledge had me up and running in 2 weeks. I went from no website and 0 emails in my database to capturing over 20,000 in the 1st year and setting up a membership site with over 1,500 subscribers!

I worked with Greg while he was still at Infusionsoft.  It was part of a mandatory training package I bought. I’m a technology guy at the core so I actually didn’t want the training… til I worked with Greg, because it allowed me to go WAY DEEPER with actually implementing my ideas VS. inventing the wheel. Spending time with Greg was great because I came up with the ideas and he showed the “how-to-actually-connect-the-dots”, which far exceeded the expectations I had for the consulting package I purchased.

Starting with Infusion can cause confusion if you don’t have things connected right. Set it right the 1st time.

Like Drake says, “With Greg I went 0-to-100 real quick.”

Dan Wood

Real Estate Coach, Brokerage Nation

Mr. Jenkins is clearly an expert in both Infusionsoft and general marketing strategy, but in my opinion his best skill is making these complex subjects easy to process. I delivered Infusionsoft University with Greg for almost a year, and was impressed time and time again at his ability to help the diverse audiences walk away feeling confident and capable. Whether you are an expert looking for a new angle or a beginner who wants to learn the right way the first time…Monkeypod and Greg are a path worth exploring

Mychal Edelman

Trusted Advisor Partner Manager, Infusionsoft

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