Marketing Automation 101 

This mini course is a compilation of advice and insights from our real world experience with marketing automation - think of it as the foundation for your foundation.

Do you ever feel like you missed the first day of Marketing Automation school?

Marketing Automation Path

I interviewed twelve business owners who use automation in their own businesses, and with their clients.

I asked them to share what they've learned on their own automation journey, and what they wish they'd been told when they were just getting started.

This course is a compilation of the lessons we've learned. Sound good?

Yes Please

Course Agenda: here's what you can expect

Module 1: Common Mistakes

Marketing Automation 101 - Module 1

We've seen countless small businesses layer automation into their processes, and this module covers how to avoid some of the most common mistakes we see.

Module 2: Getting Started

Marketing Automation 101 Module 2

No matter how lofty your goals are, it's important to pick and choose the projects you start with carefully - this module covers why getting momentum early matters.

Module 3: Keep it Simple

Marketing Automation 101 Kenda Macdonald

In this module Kenda shares a few of the tips she and her team of ninjas has for seeing success early in your marketing automation efforts.

Module 4: Make Time

Marketing Automation 101 - Module 3

Automation requires an up front investment of your time and energy, and this module covers why it's worth it - and where you'll see the dividends.

Module 5: Three Questions

Tyler Box Out Marketing Thumbnail

In this module Tyler Garns, CEO at Box Out Marketing, shares three important questions to ask early on in your automation journey.

Module 6: An Opportunity

Marketing Automation 101 - Module 4

It might be tempting to try and automate things the way you had previously done them – but this module covers how that could burn you, and what to do instead.

Module 7: Pro Tips

Marketing Automation Brad Martineau

In this video Brad, CEO of Sixth Division, shares a his thoughts on the phrase "marketing automation", and a few tips for anyone new to this topic.

Module 8: No Robots

Marketing Automation 101 - Module 5

For too many people automation means "cold" and "robotic", but the truth is that automation doesn't have to be a compromise.

This course also includes introduction and conclusion modules highlighting key lessons and takeaways, and a powerful bonus module covering commonly overlooked automation use cases.

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