I bet I can change the way you think about the campaign builder.

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"I believe that Infusionsoft's campaign builder is the world's most powerful marketing tool for small businesses."

The recipe for success with Infusionsoft

I actually believe that the recipe for success with Infusionsoft is simple, it goes like this:

Strategy + Tools + Training = Results

The strategy is your blueprint – it’s what you’re setting out to create.

The tool is Infusionsoft – and it’s a powerful one.

And the training is where Monkeypod comes in – Infusionsoft education and training is really all I’m focused on.

I think of it this way – if you’re setting out to build a house, you’re going to need a blueprint (that’s the strategy) and you’re going to need a hammer, nails, and a saw – right? Those are the tools.

But if all you have are those things, it’s going to be difficult to follow the blueprint, because using those tools takes training, and expertise.

And that’s where most people fall down – because when they buy Infusionsoft, they think of it as a solution, rather than a tool.

That may sound like semantics on the surface, but it’s an important distinction – because a solution doesn’t require much of you – you just apply it and it solves the problem.

But with a tool, especially a powerful one like Infusionsoft – using it successfully has a learning curve.

Monkeypod exists for one simple reason: To help more Infusionsoft users get past the initial learning curve and start seeing results.

I think education is the key to maximizing your monthly Infusionsoft investment, and I’ve created a progress path of Infusionsoft training courses for anyone looking to reduce the amount of time they spend troubleshooting and sifting through help articles, or the amount of money they spend on outside consultants.

I don’t have a silver bullet, or a quick fix – but I do have an arsenal of resources that are specifically designed to help you get past the learning curve, so you can use Infusionsoft with confidence, and reap the benefits of automation.

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