On the additional info tab of the contact record in Keap, there is a native field for Nickname.

If you know someone’s nickname, then it probably makes sense to call them that.

Screenshot of Jasons Question

(That screenshot is from the Max Classic version of Keap, but Pro and Max also have a nickname field.)

What if you don’t have their Nickname? Then what?

But if you don’t have their nickname on file, how can you make sure that Keap uses their First Name instead?

That’s the question here. I’ve seen it a few times over the years, and it came up again in the Monkeypod community the other day.

nickname merge question screenshot

The answer is “Yes”. But the process isn’t all that intuitive – in fact, it takes a little hack to make it happen.

In this video we’re going to use ‘nesting merge fields’ to create a fallback so that First Name is used if Nickname isn’t on file.

Check it out:

Obviously the use case I used here was nickname and first name, but this same tactic (nesting merge fields) could be used for any number of scenarios.

If you find this little hack useful, drop a comment below and let me know.