Monkeypod Membership

The OG Membership

If you’re interested in new ideas for your business, if you want to see what’s working for others, or you just want a reliable place to ask questions as they come up – join us on the inside.

Your membership benefits:

Private Community

Membership includes access to the Monkeypod Grove, an exclusive Facebook group for unlimited Q&A with a panel of experts.

Webinar Archive

You’ll be invited to attend to new webinars as they happen live, and access all recordings from the existing Monkeypod Webinar Archive.

Campaign Breakdowns

We’ll give you a detailed behind the scenes breakdown of some of the campaigns that make Monkeypod Marketing run.

Member Directory

Access to the OG Member Directory to find resources, or create a listing of your own.


Use Keap confidently knowing you’ve got this group to double check your work, troubleshoot issues, and bounce ideas off of.

The Monkeypod Success Path

Maximize the way you’re using Keap in your business.

OG Success Path

How does the success path work?

Hear from the members:

Really impressed with this membership! The group is so warm and welcoming that it’s my first place to ask questions that are even somewhat mildly related to Keap. Or not related at all but the people in there are so great I might as well try! Thanks for all you do. 🙂

Afton Toler

teamZiva, Ziva Meditation

You’ve created something really awesome with Monkeypod – it’s the best membership group I belong to by a mile.

Charlotte Desorgher

Teacher and Mentor, Undeniables Online

One of the most responsive AF premium membership groups I’ve ever been a part of. Not only is Greg ready at the helm to assist and go the extra mile, as needed, so are his lieutenants…which consist of some seasoned certified IS professionals. If you run an IS app on your own (or even with a small team), you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t use the Monkeypod OG… get to it ‘mofo!’ You’re worth it.

Barry Goss

Publisher, M4 Research

Thomas Kavanagh

Systems Engineer, Ziva

This guy Greg is one of the best guys I know, and he’s doing a GREAT service for his customers, as well as Infusionsoft, who has built a tremendous set of tools and is blessed that Greg is willing to let us in on how to use them effectively. Hats off to Greg and everyone at the Monkeypod International Headquarters for their dedication to their people!

Eric Sparrow

Founder and CEO, Milhouse Candles

Austin Moorhead
Ness Copley Review

Hear From Growing Businesses

As an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant for 5 years, I still need help every once in awhile with questions or issues I may have. Not only is Gregory Jenkins a knowledgeable, super savvy kinda guy, but he is super responsive to any question you may have in this Facebook group. AND if somehow he can’t answer your question, he has a posse of crazy-tech people that he can ask to chime in. You’ll find your answer.

I know the monthly fee to MonkeyPod may look a bit overwhelming at first, but if you get one of your questions answered every month, it pays for itself. So much value.

You also get to hear what is coming up in Infusionsoft – it’s a bit of the insider clan. Join us. PS: I have found 2 clients from networking inside the Grove.

Jan Udlock

Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant, Udlock Virtual

I first met Greg as an instructor at Infusionsoft University. He is brilliant at distilling the difficult into manageable understandable pieces. He’s been my go-to guru for everything Infusionsoft. No question goes unanswered and he often includes a video. Who does that?? He absolutely understands the meaning of high touch service and wowing his customers. With his Monkeypod courses and membership he’s broken out to serve an even larger community seeking answers to Infusionsoft questions. You can’t go wrong with anything Greg produces. Spoiler alert for anyone seeking to become Infusionsoft certified: I used Greg’s courses as my study guide! They were definitely a key factor in my passing. Thank you Mr. Jenkins!

Ramona Nichols

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Geek Gal Friday

In the first month of having access to the Monkeypod OG group Greg has:
Shown me how to streamline a campaign which had been causing constant problems.
Talked me through an emergency where I’d sent a broken link to 6000+ subscribers (yeah – you can do that!)
Given us a great guide to cleaning up the mess that 4 managers and 6 years of use had turned our app in to.
Plus so much more.
I don’t consider the Monkeypod OG subscription just great content, or just access to a community (though it is those things).
No, the Monkeypod OG membership is a necessary addition to any Infusionsoft subscription.
Get on it.
Josh Metcalfe-Parsons

Manager, Devlin's Subiaco

I’ve been into business masterminds that are literally, literally 30 times the price. And they didn’t, and don’t, deliver nearly the value I get from this membership. There’s absolutely no reason not to join…It’s a great value. A great community. Very great interaction between members.
Rob Konrad


I recommend becoming a member of Monkeypod OG Facebook group. Why? Access to the best Infusionsoft minds in the world. I’ve gotten detailed answers to specific questions quickly. And I’ve gotten new ideas to use for my business from other group member’s questions. It’s like my own private mastermind group. See ya on the inside!

Steve Weber

Conference Host and Keynote Speaker, Speaking Gump

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Membership for?

That’s a fair question, and the answer is kind of simple: It’s for people who want to improve.

Each of the membership components are about growing. Either by consuming valuable resources, by extended access to the course content, by asking questions of the Monkeypod Grove experts or by peeking behind the Monkeypod curtain to see what our campaigns look like and why. If you’re skeptical – or don’t think this is for you, then that’s cool. No worries. But if you’re the type of person who likes learning, and knows that they (or their business) are capable of more, well, then it’s for you.

Would you say that this is the Google for Keap?

Oh, man, that’s a tough one. I don’t know if I’d say it, but OG Member Nathan sure did.

Do I get access to all of your courses?

Yes. You’ll get access to all the Monkeypod courses.

Though, to be fair, thanks to a partnership with Keap the courses are all available for free anyways. Claim them here >>

Who are the Monkeypod Grove experts?

We’ve got a variety of folks in the Monkeypod Grove.  Our panel of experts includes more than 10 of the world’s best Keap Partners.

These folks know the software inside and out, and they make a living doing consulting, custom dev work, or offering services for Keap users. They’re here to lend their expertise and guidance in a Q&A style format.

There are also a handful of current Keap employees in the FB group. Sometimes questions pop up and it’s useful to have a few people from the mothership around to set the record straight, or to lend their mastermind expertise to the group. In addition to Keap expertise, the group also boasts a variety of other skills- if you want website advice, social strategy tips, or membership guidance, our experts have an array of strengths at your disposal.

Oh, and lastly, the other members are Keap users like you, some run their own business and others manage Keap accounts on their own. Monkeypod believes that if you get enough entrepreneurs together you can’t help but create something awesome.

Are there any group rules?

There are a few rules to help the FB group run as smoothly as possible.

  1. No pitching. Sometimes an expert or a member has a paid solution that can help another member. That’s totally cool, but we want those types of offers to be handled outside the group. This group is about learning and helping, not about making sales (but, sometimes both happen).
  2. Be respectful.  Everyone has a different level of experience – with Keap, or with anything. And as people are asking questions and learning from one another we want to make sure that it’s a completely supportive environment.
  3. Whatever help can reasonably be provided within the Monkeypod Grove will be. Any skype or face-to-face meetings that are required to provide a solution are beyond what the membership entails.
What if I want to cancel?

You can’t! Bwhahaha. You’re stuck.

No, I’m kidding. Of course you can cancel.

If your business grows too much, and you decide that you need to slow things down and you want to cut out the awesome benefits of being a Monkeypod OG Member that’s cool. We’ll understand. Just drop me an email at anytime saying you want to cancel, and that’s it. Done.

I mean, I’ll probably ask for some feedback, but I won’t guilt trip you or anything.

What about any Facebook themed testimonials?

Strangely specific question, but sure, no problem.

Just Metcalfe-Parsons Testimonial

Greg Jenkins and Monkeypod Marketing are the best.  When you have someone like Greg in your corner I don’t see how you can lose.  He is one of the most giving & patient guys there is when it comes to passing on knowledge.

And when it comes to Infusionsoft I don’t think there is much he does not know – but if he doesn’t he knows key players who do!  And what I love is he explains things thoroughly and you never feel like a question is a stupid question.

Pam Blackman

Certified Online Business & Marketing Manager & Infusionsoft Specialist, Pam Blackman Online

Any testimonials featuring a ukelele?

Oddly specific request,
but sure – here ya go….

Greg Jenkins is beyond knowledgeable about Infusionsoft and usually has the inside scoop on most things Infusionsoft but he brings a certain humility to the group. And there are other people in the group that are extraordinarily savvy when it comes to Digital Marketing too.

I literally asked one of the hardest questions I could ask, and I received guidance on the proper way to resolve my issue. And the answer was very beneficial because it literally saved me a couple of hundred hours of work and thousands of dollars of a possible hazard. That alone is worth the membership.

I know there are a lot of people out there with their videos and their books, but this is the place where Infusionsoft earliest adopters gather. The people that were literally in the Petri Dish while Infusionsoft was being formed. The great minds that built the foundation of Infusionsoft is the same intelligence you will meet in MonkeyPod Grove. The ideas and concepts that were born in Infusionsoft are manifested here.

Shoan Snoday

MCT/ICP, Tea Leaf Marketing

When I joined Infusionsoft in 2012, Greg was the trainer assigned to me. He was absolutely the best! Recently, when I couldn’t figure something out, I wrote to Greg for help and, after answering my question, he suggested I join his membership program. I did, and it was a great decision. I learned more in the first three days then I had in the past few years.

My goal was to upgrade how I’m using Infusionsoft, and with the help of Greg and his team, it’s already happening. I’m hooked and appreciate all the help I’ve gotten already.

Joan Sotkin

Prosperity & Mindset Mentor, Prosperity Place

Greg is a breath of fresh air; he is witty, clever and cool. I enjoyed learning from him live at an Infusionsoft training, and immediately was impressed with his approach, teaching style and genuine care for small business owners. I continue to learn marketing and Infusionsoft tips as an OG Member. Greg is responsive, and really is a troubleshooter at heart. Highly recommend for anyone investing time and energy in digital marketing in today’s online climate.

KC Rossi

Business Manager, Big Tree Healing

The Monkeypod OG Membership is beyond valuable. The campaign breakdowns are easy to follow, the resources are helpful, and the Facebook group is like having an expert council I can use whenever I want. This is a steal. (I’ve actually been telling Greg to raise the price!) If you’ve ever thought to yourself “How do people make this thing work?” then this membership is for you. You can see exactly what other people are doing, and you can bounce ideas off of other business owners who have been where you are, and know what it takes. Take it from me – investing is what I do, and this is a complete no-brainer.

Tyler Chianelli

Founder, Option Trading Coach

Greg Hickman


I have been on the hunt for a resource like this, a place where I can post a question and get an answer that is so specific to my needs. As I go deeper into what Infusionsoft automation can do I found a need to have quality experts in my toolkit to reach out to. When working on campaigns or coming up with a project plan – it is great to be able to bounce an idea or find a better way by posting a message to the group. I have that at Monkeypod Grove – a warm welcoming quality resource to get your answers to the Campaign Builder and much more.

Lyndi MacRae

Online Marketing Consultant ,

Kevin Mogavero

Founder, KRM Development

The OG membership with Monkeypod has deadset been one of the most valuable subscriptions we've ever maintained. We've loved not only the business/learning side of it, but the way that "Greg is just Greg" and the personality he brings to the space.

Aaron Griffiths

Director, KG Training & Assessing

I wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given me, I have purchased most of your programs and I found them not just useful but they were so easy to understand (you know IS is not the easiest program to get) plus they were really down to earth, your personality really comes through. I have watched them all at least twice and each time I pick up something new.

So, it was a no-brainer to join Monkeypod OG, everyone in there is so helpful. I especially like the updates to IS that you provide inside OG.

Dean York

Promotional Consultant, PMG Plus