The Real Story

So, you want the real story behind the Monkeypod? It starts with a slice of pie, and is rooted in customer experience.

When I decided to start my own small business, I was pursuing three things: world class excellence in what I produced, incredible service to those I am uniquely poised to serve best, and the freedom and space to grow as much as I could dream.

One year before I started Monkeypod KitchenMonkeypod, Sara and I were on vacation in Maui having an incredible time; one of the highlights was a little restaurant called Monkeypod Kitchen. The Monkeypod Kitchen simply oozed excellence from every bite to every floorboard.

In the course of a week we went back for lunch, for happy hour, and more than one dinner. It was literally world class; from the amazing service to the energetic ambiance, really an overall welcoming space.

I knew even then that this was the type of place so unique I’d tell people about it for years to come. Simply put, it left me inspired, and with a hunger for excellence.

It takes a special type of restaurant to leave you with a totally different appetite than the one that brought you there. I realized that quality of that magnitude leaves an indelible impression on you.

I learned that the unique name that evoked such a different reaction from nearly every person you asked came from the iconic and beautiful trees we had been seeing all over the island. Not only does the Monkeypod tree create a breathtaking silhouette and offer incredible shade, but the grass underneath it is also more lush and literally greener than its less-fortunate contemporaries due to the nitrogen-rich pods that drop from the tree and nourish the earth.

Additionally, the same leaves that create the amazing shade actually curl up and fold in to allow the rain to pass through to the ground and roots below. And if this giving tree weren’t selfless enough, it absorbs over 28 tons of CO2 per year, compared to the average tree’s consumption of 48 pounds. That makes it 1166 times more helpful than its average counterparts.

Monkeypod represents an incredible place and time for me; both the amazing restaurant and the superhero tree stand for the same things I’m chasing with unapologetic passion: excellence, service, and freedom to grow.

Monkeypod Marketing focuses on serving entrepreneurs who want to grow, and we do this through education. The reason we focus on education is because the learning curve to using automation successfully can be prohibitive to creating the type of results we’re after.

My hope is that through education, I can empower small businesses to grow in scalable ways that previously weren’t possible. And if you’re into that, then you’re in the right place.

Greg hiking

Greg Jenkins

Small Business Expert

I’m Greg, the founder of Monkeypod Marketing. I’m told I’m a people person, and that connecting others is one of my super powers.

My love affair with small business started in Lansing, Michigan, where I owned and operated a small business installing and servicing draft beer dispense systems (ironically I’m now allergic to beer).

After moving to Arizona, I spent three years helping small businesses grow while advancing through several roles at Keap (which was called Infusionsoft at the time).  I started there as a consultant, working one-on-one with hundreds of small businesses before moving into a live-training role, where I got to travel teaching small business marketing automation strategies as the lead trainer, and ultimately the curriculum developer for Infusionsoft’s live training event.  The concept for Monkeypod Marketing was born out of my desire to help entrepreneurs tackle the learning curve that comes with using technology and automation as we endeavor to grow.

The inspiration and motivation I get from the entrepreneurial adventure is matched only by my real-world wanderlust. In my free time you can find me hiking, traveling, solving puzzles, and following professional or collegiate basketball.

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We focus on helping small businesses understand marketing and automation in new ways. We do this through strategic virtual education modules that elevate and empower entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. You can enjoy our on-demand courses from the comfort of your own home(pants are optional). Check out our course offerings, or ask us if you want something you don’t see.


The OG Membership is for growing businesses who are interested in leveraging automation to help them scale. The common denominator is that we all use Infusionsoft, but since we’re all entrepreneurs, the conversation topics range from video hosting and Zapier tricks, to copywriting best practices and pricing psychology. Check out all the membership benefits here.

Greg Jenkins is that rare combination of charisma, character, and supreme competence that makes you feel like you’re the only person that matters to him when he’s talking to you, makes you trust him with your kids at the zoo (true story), and makes you believe that he can solve any problem or do any job in your company.

And because he’s the most authentic person I know, all of those things are true.

Greg is one of the most gifted teachers and presenters I’ve seen, and his ability to make the complex feel simple and accessible is incredible. Specifically regarding sales and marketing strategy and automation and Infusionsoft, he’s in rare air with just a few people on the planet who knows what he knows and can do what he can do. If there was a Heisman for Infusionsoft gurus, Greg would have one.

Justin MacDonald

Owner, Authority Football

A couple of months ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a two-day training session, instructed by Greg Jenkins of Monkeypod Marketing. Not only did I walk away with knowledge, but I also walked away with awe and respect for Greg. I could scarcely believe what an amazing teacher he is. He is truly gifted at what he does. Yes, I learned the material, but more importantly, Greg made sure that the knowledge “stuck”, providing many examples and having the class attendees do some actual work similar to what they’d be doing in the future.

Usually, when someone attends a training session, they slog through the material, bored out of their mind, and can’t wait till it’s over. That doesn’t happen when Greg is teaching the class. His boundless energy is infectious and he makes learning fun, making little jokes everyone now and then, and keeping people engaged by genuinely taking an interest in his students’ lives and businesses.

If you have the chance to work with Greg and Monkeypod Marketing, jump at the opportunity – you won’t regret it.

Jeryl Massini-Ryan

Founder, Massini-Ryan Services, Inc

I like the clear way you explain things. You have an enthusiasm that comes out in everything you do. When I’m reading your eBooks or your FB posts I can actually hear your voice – it’s so distinctive! Your products and membership are well branded and you have a high degree of professionalism. Thank you for your help to date!

Amy Meloche

Marketing Coordinator, MindMax