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This is my blog. I write about things I think you'll benefit from. You know, marketing tips and tricks, hacks, tools and general plain old Infusionsoft Education. Enjoy.

The New Leadpages Integration for Infusionsoft

I've seen some buzz lately about an email Leadpages sent out announcing a change in the way they integrate with Infusionsoft. (What's Leadpages?) This announcement naturally prompted a few questions, so I started doing some research. Questions and answers below: What...

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Stop Poisoning Your Customers

You might be poisoning your customers, figuratively, or even literally. In May of 2017 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. In case you aren't aware, this is the condition that means I no longer get to have gluten; ruling out pie, cake, doughnuts, beer, pasta,...

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The Zombie Autopilot Pipeline

A bit of backstory for you.   This post chronicles the journey I went through to convince a couple of skeptics (my family) that Infusionsoft’s Sales Pipeline Component isn’t an unreasonable, hunk of junk, waste of time. Let me tell you what I did wrong when creating a...

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The NEW Landing Page Builder (and other updates)

Okay all, it's been a while since I've done one of these, but Infusionsoft has been sneaking slick little features into the app, and I wanted to take a moment to recap a few of my favs. Enjoy: 1. New Items Notifications: In the lower right hand corner of your app, you...

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Facebook AD ROI in Infusionsoft

When I started Monkeypod I was optimistic. But I realize now that I was also fairly naive. I think plenty of entrepreneurs feel this way. I started this venture after having worked at Infusionsoft for 3+ years, helping and learning from businesses of all shapes and...

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Web Page Automation Goal (A to Z)

The Infusionsoft Web Page Automation Goal was introduced in December of 2016. This new goal for the Campaign Builder made an already powerful tool, even better. Effectively this goal allows you to trigger something in Infusionsoft when a contact visits a page on your...

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Tag Goal Hack

Tag goals are one of the most popular ways to trigger automation in Infusionsoft's campaign builder, no doubt about that. Tag goals are pretty simple to understand - you define which tag(s) they're listening for, and then boom, any time any of those tags are applied,...

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“Every time I’ve read your blog or log into the private Facebook user group I learn something new from the Monkeypod gang. And the courses that I’ve purchased and gone through have been invaluable to my business. Thanks!”

Randy Elder

President, Randy J. Elder, CPA, P,C.

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“Greg is on my top 5 list of most Infusionsoft knowledgeable people on the planet.”

Kevin Mogavero

Founder, KRM Development

Greg is my Infusionsoft saviour. His passion and in-depth knowledge of the CRM, together with an incredible sense of humour, makes him the perfect person to calm you down when you are struggling with your CRM. I could not thank him enough for all the times when he saved me and showed me the little tricks that he has mastered over the years with Infusionsoft. If you work with Infusionsoft, Greg is the person to speak to.

Magdelena Oramus

Executive Assistant, Agero Group

When I joined Infusionsoft in 2012, Greg was the trainer assigned to me. He was absolutely the best! Recently, when I couldn’t figure something out, I wrote to Greg for help and, after answering my question, he suggested I join his membership program. I did, and it was a great decision. I learned more in the first three days then I had in the past few years.

My goal was to upgrade how I’m using Infusionsoft, and with the help of Greg and his team, it’s already happening. I’m hooked and appreciate all the help I’ve gotten already.

Joan Sotkin

Prosperity & Mindset Mentor, Prosperity Place

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