profile-roundHey blog reader, it gives me great pride to publish this post because it’s written by my good friend Brett Farr. Brett and I were in the same hiring class at Infusionsoft in March of 2012. Brett, like many of us, is a self professed digital marketing nerd. He’s also an ASU Marketing graduate (Go Devils!) and was honored to be the TIME person of the year in 2006.
He is half Australian and while he grew up on an island in the Caribbean he now calls the Arizona desert his home.
Honestly, Brett knows his stuff. I strongly recommend checking him out at Blick Digital. This article is packed with powerful small tips that can have an immediate impact on your marketing efforts. Enjoy.


7 Easy-to-Implement Tactics to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Next Campaign

I’ve only included items here that are easy to implement in your next Infusionsoft campaign. Most take no more than 2 minutes to implement. The goal of these 7 tips is to help boost your next campaign’s performance. These tips come ‘from the trenches’ of using Infusionsoft day-in and day-out for several years with a number of clients. These are small tactical tips, not strategic. If you’re looking for a strategic approach to building campaigns, take a look at this article.


1. Use the momentum of the thank you page
There is no better time to ask your prospect to do something than after they’ve submitted a form or opted into your list (whitepaper, webinar, guide, etc). There are all sorts of psychological reasons behind this, but the main thing here is that you continue the forward momentum on the thank you page. I’ve seen too many thank you pages that say, “Check your email for…“. Seems boring, right?


Utilize this page to make sure they’re following you on social media, joining your community or ask them to tell you a little more about themselves so you can market to them more effectively. Paul Sokol even emphasized this in his first point here.


Pro tip: You can consider offering a low-cost, high-value product to see who’s really willing to spend money with you. Although this step might require more than my promised ‘2 minutes’.

2. Remove the “Having trouble viewing this email?”
By default, Infusionsoft has a snippet at the top of your default email called ‘Having trouble viewing this email?’ Move this handy snippet to the bottom of your email or delete it all together if your email isn’t image-rich. By not moving it, your prospects and customers will see that little piece of text in their preview pane for several major email clients, including Gmail and Outlook.


having trouble viewing


3. Personalized email after a link click
I believe my good friend Greg calls this the Infusionsoft nudge. If your campaign has any emails with calls to action that lead to a web form or product purchase, I highly recommend including a ‘Link Click’ goal with a 30 minute delay timer and a follow up email to ask why they haven’t completed the action yet. It could be something as simple as, “Can I help answer any questions? Just reply to this email.” I’ll usually make sure this email is plain and non-branded as if I was writing the email from my Outlook account. When done properly, this one can have huge impact. See this article for more specifics.


Infusionsoft nudge


4. Occasionally insert first names into the subject line
This is a good way to boost open rates, but it’s a two-edged sword. Do it too often and it can start to annoy your email list. Use this sparingly for important emails with specific calls to action (I know, every email is important, right?).


5. Insert day of the week 
If your email is part of an automated follow up, you can make it a bit more personal by using an Infusionsoft merge field called ~Date.DayOfWeek~, which inserts the day of the week that the email was sent. This allows you to write something like “Hope you’re having a good Tuesday” instead of just “Good morning to you.” You can also use this for the current month and current year. I’ve seen this work for long-term follow up where an automated email is sent to the prospect with a message like, “You said it would be good to follow up in ~Date.Month~ (current month)“.


6. Have emails come from an actual person, not the business name
This one is pretty straight forward, but I’ve seen emails have a better impact when they’re sent from an actual person and not the business name. People do business with people. Not every situation is the same and this might not be appropriate for your business, but sending from someone’s name instead of from info@ or support@ will help increase your email opens.


7. Make sure there are no ‘image-only’ calls to action
Sometimes you’ll have a button in your emails that is your main call to action. The issue with this is that if the images don’t auto-load in the recipients email client, your call to action will be missing. This happens when you see the option “Click here to download images”. If your company does mostly image button calls to action, make sure to include a small snippet of text below it that they can click on. See image below:


call to action


Looking for more ideas for your campaigns? I release ideas just like this all the time over at the Blick Digital Blog. Click here to stay up to date.

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