This project covers the start-to-finish design and implementation of text message notifications as a service to my subscribers.

We tackle the required strategic and technical components, and also take a raw look at the emotional and mental struggles along the way.

Small business can be a volatile ride – and far too often it’s presented as this polished and uniformly positive ascension.

This series documents the real, and turbulent, side of entrepreneurship.

Special thanks to Paul Sokol for helping bring this project to life. You can sign up for content from Paul here.

Act 1: The Project

The first episode in this series covers the backstory behind this project, how long it’s been on my to-do list, the emotional toll it’s had on me, and the catalyst for finally getting started.

Act 2: The Scoping Call

In the second part of this series, Paul and I have our initial scoping call to get clear on the project, and define next steps. Then, we share our reactions to how we thought the call went.

Act 3: The Build

Part three covers the actual technical build for this project – which is a fairly straightforward campaign structure, and then the process of getting Keap’s SMS messaging set up and ready to roll.

Act 4: Text Message Sign-Up

Episode four of this series is where we design and build the opt-in process that will allow subscribers to sign up to receive SMS messages. Paul shared the outline he used for his business, and I recreated it for Monkeypod.

Act 5: Maiden Voyage

The maiden voyage – in this video we successfully send the first group text message to the folks who have signed up, announcing a livestream we’re about to host.

Act 6: Final Thoughts

In the conclusion of this mini series I’ll recap the project, and summarize things that didn’t make it into this first version that we might prioritize for future improvements. Then, both Paul and I share a few thoughts on the mental health side of this project, and of entrepreneurship.