We had an interesting question pop up in the Monkeypod community the other day: How do I automatically send a thank you message when I receive a referral?

Automation on two contacts

This concept sounds straightforward, but it breaks the normal logic for how automation inside Keap works.

Generally we have automation happen on an individual basis – when someone does something, then this other thing happens to them as a result.

But, in this case, we need to be able to send a thank you to Person A when they refer Person B; which makes things a little trickier.

How can we do it?

There are effectively two ways to do it, a simple native way, and a more robust method that involves the Contact Creator tool from PlusThis.

In this video I’ll show you both, and call out the pros and cons for each.

So, the situation in this video is fairly specific to Tara’s question – but there are plenty of use cases where this type of functionality might be useful.

We outlined two methods for solving this, the first was totally native, and the second option uses PlusThis.

If you don’t yet use PlusThis you can start a free trial here.

Thanks for reading – hope you found this valuable. Please feel free to drop any comments or questions below.