I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from a graphic designer.

But last month I got a reply from one of my OGs (shout out to Jason) who was impressed by an image I had cobbled together.

And that doesn’t happen very often – in fact, this might be a first.

So I recorded a quick tutorial for Jason showing him my process – then, today I found myself recreating that same image for a second round of the same webinar (more on that below) and I thought “Hey, maybe I should record this in case it helps other people.”

And voila – here we are. Enjoy.

For professional images you’ll probably need something more sophisticated than what I’ve laid out here, but if you’re in a bind and just need something simple, then I hope this helps.

Feel free to share this with someone you think it can help, or take me to school in the comments below with your own graphic design tips and tools.