Well, this post is long overdue – but here we go.

I use Spiffy. And I love it…now.

In case you don’t know, Spiffy is a tool that takes normal unassuming Infusionsoft Order Forms and turns them into modern elegant works of art.

Full disclosure: I AM a Spiffy affiliate, so if you’re going to sign up for Spiffy I’d love it if you’d use my link. (Here’s the link)

But the reason for this post isn’t to make tens of dollars through a shameless affiliate promotion – it’s because it’s a good product. One that I actually use, and am proud to recommend. If you’d like to see why, just watch the video below.

So, I’ve had a Spiffy account for years, but I hadn’t used it – I basically false-started, it felt hard, then I never went back.

Until a few months ago – and man, it’s really freakin’ good now.

I quickly created three order forms, and then had to force myself to stop, because I wanted to write a blog post, and record a video of me actually building one (three months later that’s this blog post, and the video below).

Here’s a little before and after action:


Spiffy snapshot


Spiffy screenshot

Why now?

Why now you might ask?

One answer is that it’s because I have had a running theme this year of revisiting my existing shiz and making it better. I’ve been circling back to stuff I set up years ago, stuff that isn’t even broken, and just looking at it through my new lens, and with the new tools and perspective, I now have.

Another possibly more accurate and definitely more succinct answer is GDPR.

You’ve always been able to add terms and conditions checkboxes to Infusionsoft order forms with a little trickery.

Building a Spiffy Order Form [GDPR Compliant]

Spiffy makes your order forms (and shopping cart) mobile responsive, which on its own probably justifies the monthly price – but it also offers templates and a drag and drop builder that you can use to really dress up your check out pages.

And if you can’t find what you need using their builder – they’ve got a library of custom code snippets designed to solve the more fringe scenarios.

Here’s a follow-up video showing you how you can set a favicon, define the terms and conditions URL, and quickly add testimonials to your order form.

How to Add Testimonials

Okay, I know – Spiffy is impressive, but you might be wondering if it’s all razzle dazzle.

Does Spiffy Actually work?

The answer is a unequivocal yes.

Here is a graph of my monthly course sales before and after I implemented Spiffy.

Bar graph with blue and orange results

Okay, well, I hope you found this resource valuable. Feel free to share it with anyone you think may enjoy it!

And if you’re going to give Spiffy a look, I’d be grateful if you’d use my tracking link.

Leave any questions or comments below, thanks all!

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