Alright, what’s the deal with hidden fields? (please read that while doing a Jerry Seinfeld impression)

They (hidden fields) are available as an option when you’re building old school landing pages or web forms in Infusionsoft.

Check it out:

They’re available in Infusionsoft’s new landing page builder too, but it’s a little different there. For that one, you add the form and fields, then you can toggle yes/no for hidden on a field-by-field basis.

Alright, so, hidden fields are just like regular fields. They collect information, right?

…but, they’re hidden, which means the person filling out the form can’t see that they’re there.

Er, say what?

Yeah, it can be a little tricky for people to wrap their heads around.

Here’s the deal – they’re most useful for receiving info that is passed to the page, normally this happens in the link that leads somewhere there.

Lemme show you three common use cases for hidden fields:

Real World Example

Here’s a real world example of how you can use a hidden field on a web form (or landing page) to capture new information or clean up your list: