Anjie Mote

Anjie Mote, Marketing Strategist, Infusionsoft

I’ve got a blog post here from my friend Anjie Mote. She and I were consultants together at Infusionsoft for a while, and she’s great at what she does. She loves working and strategizing with entrepreneurs, it’s far and away her favorite part of being a Marketing Strategist at Infusionsoft. In her own words, Anjie lives for those moments when they contact her and share their success stories with her.

I LOVE Infusionsoft!

Infusionsoft is hard. It takes a lot of patience and commitment to learn how to use and implement the different areas of the application. And doing it in a way that makes sense beneath the surface level is even harder.

I had the opportunity to speak about the Infusionsoft product and deliver some good strategies for Infusionsoft users at a conference in Dallas a couple years ago, and I bombed.

I was like the software nerd with my laptop in the front of the room explaining campaign strategy and content in the driest way possible and I the attendees were listlessly drifting in and out. They didn’t really understand these complex things that I had been explaining for the past hour in confusing and excruciating detail.

Then my colleague Brad got up to speak and the first thing he said was, “My name is Brad, and I’m going to talk about some stuff, and when you don’t understand or you have a question, I want you to raise your hand and yell ‘I LOVE INFUSIONSOFT!

Everyone laughed. But as Brad was speaking, hands started shooting up and cries of “I LOVE INFUSIONSOFT” rang through the room

Brad’s message was almost exactly the same as mine. But he made it fun, and made it engaging.

I firmly believe in the powerful impact that marketing automation can have on a small business. But it takes work. And perhaps more importantly, it takes positivity in the face of adversity.

Having said that, I have a few Infusionsoft Tips that you can use as a new Infusionsoft user to level up, and to set you up for long term success:

LCM PNG_ClearBackground1. Evaluate your business as it relates to Lifecycle Marketing.

Map out how Lifecycle Marketing looks in your business. Identify your gaps. Whether you need help with lead generation, or follow up, or implementing a referral program; Infusionsoft has a solution. But you need to identify what you need before you can start.

Sheldon_Whiteboarding2. Whiteboard everything prior to setting up any campaigns or templates.

You don’t want to start adding contacts into the app and designing campaigns before you have a clear plan of action and an idea of how you’ll organize everything. Organization is KEY. There are plenty of articles out there that can help you plan things out (like your tags).

3. Use your free resources!

The Help Center and the User Forums are full of valuable tips and tricks. They are searchable and if you can’t find what you need quickly, you can always get on with support over the phone, or through chat. Beyond the official Infusionsoft support resources, there are also some really valuable Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups.

Editors Note: The Monkeypod OG Membership just happens to include access to our private Q&A group on FB…

Marketplace Logo4. Download some free campaigns from the Marketplace.

Study them and sort out how they work. Here are three campaigns the Mad Scientist recommends. Learn the basics, like the difference between a goal and a sequence. There is a lot to learn for mastering the campaign builder, but once you understand goals and sequences, you are ready to start and the Infusionsoft world is your oyster!

5. The best way to learn how to do something is by starting.

The second best way is probably by watching. Get into the application and get your hands dirty. With very few exceptions, everything that you do can be undone (except for sending an email). TRY. Build. Test. Add yourself as a test contact and play with every feature. You won’t break it (Check out #3 here).

If you do these things, and you invest time and effort into learning the software you might just find yourself yelling “I LOVE INFUSIONSOFT!” for a different reason.

Be creative, make it fun, have confidence in your ability, and when you have success – share that story! Your success can have a powerful ripple effect across the community.