The other day a question was posed in my OG community – here’s the scenario:

The member gets voicemails (and emails) with interest from prospects who are looking for more information about their products and services.

But their details didn’t have a reliable way of making it into the CRM – which meant that leads were sometimes slipping between the cracks.

There are probably a few ways to improve this process, but I proposed using internal forms.

What are internal forms?

Internal forms in Keap are a way of creating a form specifically designed to be used by you and your team members, with the sole intention of adding contacts to Keap, or updating contacts who are already in your database.

They’re just like web forms – but instead of being externally accessible, they’re built for your team to use.

How do I use Internal Forms?

Well – they live inside the campaign builder, just like your other goal methods.

So you’ll drag one onto your canvas, and define the fields you want to use it to collect.

Internal Forms in Keap

But, it’s worth pointing out that if you’re using Keap Pro or Keap Max the process is a little different – here’s a walkthrough for Pro and Max users.

Regardless of how you set it up, it’ll give you a repeatable process you can use to add contacts, with options for triggering automation.

Internal Forms are definitely one of Keap’s underrated features.

The primary use case is adding new contacts – but you can also use internal forms to add information to existing contacts, and launch automation as a result.

Or, I’ve seen internal forms used as a manual way of approving applicants for a mastermind, for your partner program, or whenever you want the ability to manually make a decision about what happens next to a contact.

If you’re using Keap’s internal forms in your business, drop a comment below and share one of your use cases.

Thanks for reading.

More Training

If you’ve found this useful, there’s more training on internal forms and all of the campaign builder’s features in the CB Trilogy course.

This course is available for free, thanks to a partnership with Keap.