Should you use the Keap pipeline feature?

Maybe – I can’t say for sure.

But what I do know is that either way, it should be an informed decision.

So let’s get into it…

What is the Keap pipeline?

The pipeline feature inside Keap is a tool for tracking a process.

The most common use case is for tracking stages in a sales process, but the pipeline can generally be used to track any process (fulfillment, onboarding, etc).

What version of Keap is this for?

The pipeline is available in Keap Pro and Max, as well as Max Classic (the version formerly known as Infusionsoft).

But there are some differences between the different Keap versions.

How does the Keap pipeline work?

You start by identifying the stages that comprise your process, and then you can track individuals as they progress through those stages.

In Pro and Max, these are called “Deals”. In Max Classic, these are called “Opportunities”.

But regardless of your version, using a pipeline adds insight, accountability, and automation to your process.

Hopefully this conversation has helped add some context to what a pipeline is, and the scenarios where it may prove useful.

Where do I learn more?

The Keap Academy platform features two detailed courses covering the strategic and technical aspects of using a pipeline in your business.

There’s one course for Keap pro and max, and another for Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft).