Dave ShermanIf you’ve ever met Dave Sherman, you probably noticed that he’s a genuine people-person. He’s a talented networker – but he doesn’t do it solely to be strategic, he does it because he loves people. He has a magnetic personality, one that naturally says “Come talk to me”. So, when I asked Dave to contribute to my blog, it only makes sense that he chose to write about attracting people to your business.

Attract More Prospects Today

If I were to ask a small business owner what he needs most in his business, more sales would probably be the most popular answer. However if he truly wants to grow a successful business, he needs to spend less time focusing on more sales and more time focusing on more prospects.

One of the most powerful ways to attract more prospects to a business is by creating lead magnets. Lead magnets focus on the idea of attracting people toward your business by providing them with value added information that can benefit prospects.

If you are like most small business owners, you tell everybody about the features of your business. How long you been in business, where you are located, who your best clients are, why you are so wonderful, etc.

Unfortunately, that is not what your prospects want to be hearing.

They want to hear how your business will directly benefit them.

Most people agree with this. You’re probably reading it, and saying “Yeah, that makes sense”, or maybe even “Duh”. But the reality is that acknowledging it, and executing on it are quite different.

When it comes to creating successful lead magnets, you need to focus on topics that will directly benefit your prospects. You need to focus on things like how they can avoid common mistakes, avoid competitor frustrations, achieve underlying goals, etc.

But how? That’s the million dollar question, right?

Based on those three topics, here are three templates you can use to generate a powerful lead magnet that will attract lots of interest from your prospects.


Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Three mistakes most people make when___________________________.
  • Do you make these three mistakes when__________________________?
  • Three common _________________ mistakes you don’t know you’re making.

Avoiding Competitor Frustrations

  • Three questions to ask your ______________________________ before hiring them.
  • The three biggest problems with________________________________.
  • Three important things to consider when_________________________________.

Achieving Underlying Goals

  • Three things you absolutely need to know about___________________________.
  • Three keys to fixing your _____________________________ problem.
  • Three proven techniques to better_____________________________.

There are dozens of ways to generate a lead magnet – and as simple as it sounds, you may start with what your prospects are already asking. What questions do you answer on a regular basis? If you were in your prospects shoes, what would you want to know? What are the most common objections people have?

Remember, you’re the expert in your field. Your prospects want the knowledge that is in your head, you just have to be willing to put it out there!

People want to be guided by someone who knows what they are talking about, but small businesses are often to humble to really embrace this. Sometimes we get too close to the knowledge we have, so close that we can even forget that it’s valuable, and unique. You are an expert, and people want your guidance. Take the information that you have – turn it into a lead magnet – and share it with the people that want it.

By incorporating powerful lead magnets into your small business marketing, you will start generating much more interest in your business which will lead to more prospects in your funnel.


Always remember that people don’t care about your business. They only care about what your business will do for them.