I think notes are one of the most under-appreciated Keap features.

They’re flexible – notes can be applied manually to record an offline interaction, or automatically as a step in a sequence.

Sequence Step Note Applied

And if you’re diligent about applying notes at key milestones, then the notes section on the contact record can give you a useful timeline of interactions with that contact.

Note HIstory

This is all sound advice – and can help keep contact info current, reduce the need for tags, and create a consolidated history of important milestones right on the contact record.

But, what happens if you have two contacts that are associated with one another?

Can I sync notes between two contacts?

What if you want to automatically sync notes from one to the other?

Like, between two spouses – or two contacts at the same company.

This question came up in the OG members group the other day and while it isn’t possible natively, we did come up with a creative Zapier-based solution.

Check it out:

Notes are an underrated tool – and if you take nothing else away from this blog post I hope you start seeing them as a flexible way to track information.

But, if you have a situation where you need to automatically sync notes (or tasks, or appointments) between two contact records, then hopefully the Zapier solution modeled in this video gives you some ideas.

And speaking of ideas, if you want to see more Zapier use cases, check out this post.

If you found this useful (or have follow up questions), drop a comment below. Thanks for reading.