There are plenty of scenarios in business where you want something to happen on a recurring basis – and we’ve covered the fundamentals of looping campaigns in Keap, but today I wanted to share a twist on this for a looping monthly fulfillment process.

So, for context, the scenario is this: Let’s say there’s a membership group, and each month we want to send the members something (it could be access to content, or a physical gift box, etc).

But the twist here is that we want to automatically exclude anyone who either a) cancels or b) misses a payment, and lets their account fall out of good standing.

This video breaks down a campaign that you can use for this process, and dynamically sort out the folks who shouldn’t be eligible:

Now obviously this is a fairly specific use case – but this concept, and the corresponding Keap campaign could easily be adapted for serving prospects (like creating a custom ‘call’ list), or modified to loop at a different pace (weekly, quarterly, etc).

if you found this useful, have questions, or ideas for where it might fit in your business – drop a comment below.

Thanks for reading.