I’m not gonna beat around the bush on this one – when it comes to split testing, Keap has been a little behind the times.

For anyone completely in the dark – we’re talking about A/B testing.

It’s a relatively common marketing practice which generally speaking involves testing the different marketing assets you use (emails, landing pages, etc) and then using only the ones that perform best in your “final” version; thus creating an optimal customer journey.

To date split testing in Keap hasn’t been possible without a paid third party tool (like PlusThis, MyFusionHelper, or Zapier), or a complicated work-around using action sets, round-robins, and witchcraft.

But starting soon (possibly as soon as early April, I hear), Keap will be releasing native split testing for emails sent as broadcasts. And it’s really pretty dang slick.

Check it out:

Depending on what other tools you depend on, you might be well versed in split testing best practices and strategy (strategy, eh?), or you might be brand new – either way; you’re gonna be excited to hear that it’s coming to Infusionsoft (yes, I know, finally).

This first version of the feature will only be available for the broadcast builder, but my hope (and expectation) is that we’ll see this same functionality replicated for other marketing assets in the future (campaign emails, landing pages, etc).

Once the split test has completed, you can report on it using the normal broadcast reports. Here’s the breakdown of the test email I sent in the video above:


Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. Otherwise, keep an eye out for this feature!