Hey, Greg Jenkins here.

I do speaking engagements too. So, if you’ve got an event, and are looking for a qualified and capable presenter, with a dash of personality, well, I just might be your guy.

Excerpt from my presentation at Infusionsoft’s annual user conference. The topic was using Infusionsoft to collect more money and save yourself time by using automated billing triggers. Yawn right? Actually it was pretty cool. But then again, I really like creating automated and scalable processes that save time.

Need a speaker who can talk about Lifecycle Marketing, or marketing automation in general? Check. Need someone to talk about designing a customer experience? I’ve got you covered. Need a really detailed presenter to talk about draft beer dispense systems or high school girls water polo? No question.  Seriously though, we’re diverse. I love speaking, and I’d be happy to bring the Monkeypod funk to your event.

How excited can one really be about customer relationship management programs without sounding like a ‘Goof Bag Techno Geek’ and make perfect sense??? Unless you have experienced Greg’s super exciting, down to earth, to the point, no hold bars, keeping it real approach to education, then you have sadly missed out! Having been involved in the education arena myself for more than 20 years, I was totally impressed by how Greg delivered, managed and coordinated information, knowledge, fun and passion into 4 days with 150 business owners. If you are seeking an extraordinary individual to provide passion, excitement in an informative way, then Greg would be that person!! Bottom line he made sense and empowered me to go forward with my learning with confidence. Thank you for your passion!

Andrea Anderson

Director, Red Office Chairs, Pty

Greg is a powerful combination of a skilled presenter, a captivating and interesting speaker, a funny and engaging communicator, and true professional with a knowledgeable and helpful business mind. Combining those skills, he is able to connect like no other with his audience, keep them engaged, and then train and impart tools and skills they need to be successful. It is a rare presenter who can be that effective to all participants in a diverse crowd – yet Greg pulls it off with characteristic ease.

Adam Taff

CEO, Karuna Consulting

This was from one of the more technical presentations at the annual small business conference hosted by Infusionsoft (they seem to give me the techy topics…). This presentation covered how to measure and report on the key metrics needed for sales reps and sales managers. Enjoy.