As many of you know, I’m a total geek when it comes to new tools. I’m not always as quick to adopt as I should be, but I love learning what’s possible.

Anyway, I was at the Traffic & Conversion Summit over the weekend (I’ll recap it soon), and on the morning of day three I attended a session which was literally 60 minutes of a guy on stage listing tools that Digital Marketer uses and recommends. I tried to record some of the session on a really poor quality Facebook Live video. But to save you from suffering through that, here’s a list of tools I wrote down that you may want to check out.

I should call out that these are not tools that I can formally endorse. I haven’t used these most of these tools, and in fact, many of them I hadn’t even heard of. If you’d like my list of recommended tools, those are listed here.

Keyword Tools
SEMRush – Comprehensive Keyword Research
VideoCents – YouTube Keyword Research – Google Auto-complete Keywords
WordTracker – 1000’s of longtail keywords
LSI Graph – Latent Semantic Index (LSI) Keywords, Latent Semantic Indexing is one of the things that Google looks at to make sure that the words they expect to be on a page are actually there. – Fancy tool for demonstrating the distance between words in the latent semantic index.
SeCockpit – Find 1000’s of proitable google keywords quickly

Traffic Tools – Suite of tools, highlights include Welcome Mat – Web-push notifications
Votigo – Contest and Sweepstakes Solutions
YoRocket – Analyzes your headlines – Aggregates a contact’s web presence and social profiles to give you context for who someone might be – (Also works with Zapier)
BrightVerify – Verifies email addresses, by uploading a list, or in real time as people are signing up on your website
ReferralCandy – Refer-a-friend engine

SEO Tools
SEOpresser – WordPress tool that grades an entire post based on a variety of factors
Pingdom – For monitoring your page speed, performance, and gathering insights
aHrefs – To find out all the links your competitors have, and analyze the links you’re using – Identifying links and backlinks that may be hurting your website
Nozzle – So much SEO information you won’t believe it – Their slogan is “Know everything google knows. If you can handle it.”
WPsuperCache – WordPress caching plugin to help with site load time

Social Ad Tools
DriftRock – Tool for personalizing Facebook ads and other things – Generate 1000’s of Facebook Ads quickly – Facebook Ads competitive intelligence
Follower Wonk – Twitter follower tool and analytics – Repurpose and repost social content
Facebook Pixel Helper – Chrome extension, tells you when you’re having challenges with your Facebook Pixel
AudienceDrill – For drilling down to the audience that you may want to reach

Lead Capture
OptinMonster – Lead capture, pop-ups, and A/B testing
OptiMonk – LeadCapture, exit pop-ups, boosted conversions
Gleam – Competitions, Lead Capture, Visual Galleries, Reward Redemption
Bounce Exchange – Targeted offers based on analytics and onsite behavior

ClickMeter – Monitor, compare, and optimize your marketing links
Tag Assistant by Google – Chrome plugin, helps to troubleshoot installation of various google tags
InsightSquared – Business intelligence software
UsabilityHub – Tool for product managers and designers to quickly capture feedback through user testing
QualaRoo – Voice if customer insights to help your business grow
LikeAlyzer – Likes and social data on your own Facebook page, or on your competition
Grytics – Facebook Group analytics and insights – reports on posts, members and activity
TruConversion – Offers easy to use analytics tools so you can make data driven decisions for your website
Sitespect – Digital optimization, personalization, omnichannel testing and analtyics

Chat Tools
ManyChat – Use a Facebook Messenger bot on your site
ModernApp – Grow your business with Facebook Messenger
ChatFuel – Create an automated chat experience with Facebook Messenger

Wow. So, that’s quite the list. I hope you find a few that you can use to make your life easier. I want to reiterate that I’m not using these tools, and that I can’t formally endorse any of them. However, I do have a list of tools that I rely on daily for Monkeypod. Check em out here.

I’d love to hear your favorite tools. Feel free to leave them in the comments below!