In my experience, Keap users tend to fall into one of three categories. And I find that plenty of people either haven’t thought about this at all, or they have but things have changed since they last considered it.

The good news is that there isn’t a right or wrong answer, and one type of user isn’t in a more likely position to be successful.

Type 1: Hands On

This type of user is excited about learning new things, geeks out when they figure something out, and has an appetite for learning the nuances of a new tool. This person generally wants to learn how to use Keap on their own, and is happy to roll up their sleeves and read articles, watch videos, run tests, and make mistakes.

Type 2: Hands Off

This type of user understands the value of something like Keap, but generally doesn’t want to log in and do it themselves. They recognize that setting up automation probably isn’t he best use of their time, and they’re comfortable conveying their vision to an expert who can help them implement it.

Type 3: Hand Holding

This final type of user tends to be a hybrid of the other two. They’re not necessarily technology adverse, but they also recognize that it doesn’t come all that easily to them. They want the help of an expert, but they also would like their own level of understanding; either so they can build their own campaigns in the long run, or just maintain it and run reports when they need to.

You may already know what bucket you fit into, but if you don’t, then watch this brief video:

The whole purpose of this conversation is to help you identify and accept what user type you are, so you can get clear on the best path forward for you and your business.

And, if you’re wondering which of the Keap training courses to start with – here’s a video to help you decide.

Oh, and for those of you who serve small business owners, or Keap customers, having a conversation like this one can help you understand your audience and connect with them differently as your tailor your messaging or behavior based on who they are.