Happy new year ya’ll – I haven’t published a blog post in almost a month, and I’m finally okay with it.

I wasn’t though.

I was feeling guilty.

For the first week or so of the new year I was watching friends post about their goals, or send emails about how they were hustling while other people were watching bowl games – and I let it get to me.

I think it’s easy to fall into that trap.

The “hustle trap”.

I work for myself – but I still managed to feel a bit ashamed that I was spending time relaxing and visiting with family (how dare I….) while other people just like me were out there getting after it.

So I spent some time unpacking WHY I felt this way, and I ended up realizing that I was doing it to myself.

Unnecessarily. I gave myself permission to relax without owing an explanation.

I recorded a video unpacking my thoughts on this. I hope you find it valuable, let me know.