If you use Zoom (don’t we all?), then you likely have looked for a way to integrate it with Keap.

There are a few options out there, but my favorite is PlusThis.

In this post we’re going to look at the PlusThis connection for Zoom webinars – but they do offer tools for Zoom Meetings as well (here).

PlusThis Zoom Option

If you host webinars with Zoom, there are a few key parts of this tool that will simplify things for you.

PlusThis Zoom Webinar Connection

Here’s how it works:

You set up your webinar in Zoom like normal, then you hop into PlusThis and define the Keap Tag you want automatically applied when someone registers.

Tag Registrants

You can also tag webinar registrants based on whether or not they attend – which lets you easily segment your post-webinar communications.

PlusThis Tag Zoom Attendees

There are a few other options, but if you’re using Zoom’s native registration page and reminder emails then that’s about the size of things.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can set up this feature:

That’s all you need to use this feature – but, if you’ve ever felt that the Zoom registration page was too rigid, or you wanted more flexibility for the reminder emails, then you might want to build your own inside Keap.

What if I want to build my own emails?

You can send your reminder (and invite) emails from Keap.

The PlusThis connector offers a few settings that help with this – first, you can map the registrants unique join link through to a custom field in Keap – which lets you create your own reminders.

But second, PlusThis also gives you add-to-calendar links you can use in your Keap emails.

plusthis add to calendar links

(Pro tip: using add-to-calendar links help improve webinar attendance)

And, if you’re inviting your existing Keap audience, then you can use the one-click registration link that PlusThis offers – that way your contacts won’t have to fill out info they’ve already given you.

What if I want to build my own registration page?

You can do that too – using the Keap landing page builder, or whatever tool you prefer.

(This is perfect if you have partners driving traffic to your webinars and you don’t want to compromise affiliate tracking.)

Here’s a deeper dive into the customization options available in PlusThis – and a breakdown of the campaign I use for promoting my own webinars.

Okay – that was a lot. Maybe more than you need, but I wanted to make sure we covered all the bells and whistles in this powerful feature.

The reality is Zoom has become a household name, and if you’re using Zoom for webinars (or meetings) you’ll likely want it to communicate with your Keap CRM, and the best way to make that happen is with PlusThis.

If you aren’t using PlusThis yet you can check it out or start a free trial here.