If you are a digital marketer, work in sales, or have any job that requires you to send emails, then you probably know the importance of a good subject line.

It doesn’t matter how good your content is if they never open the email.

For that reason, having a creative subject line is critical to the success of any email.

Subject Line Ideas

Being in the business world can be crazy, especially your inbox. You get countless emails every day; sales emails, coupons, newsletters, you name it!

I bet a lot of times you just look at the subject line and then archive the email or delete it. The subject line, the first impression, can be all it takes for you to open up the email, or just toss it out.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the list below, or use this subject line generator from Keap. Try it >>

Below is a list of 25 creative and compelling email subject lines that you may use as a jumping off point to customize for yourself.

25 Irresistible Sales Email Subject Lines

1) “Questions about ______”

What’s your question? They will need to click your email to know.

2) “______Recommended I get in touch”

Having referrals is powerful. If you know someone your prospect knows, chances are that he will open your email.

3) “Our next steps”

Great for following up once the connection is made.

4) “Do not open this email”

A company called Manicube used this one. Reverse psychology can definitely work!

5) “X options to get started”

Give a few options of core products or content in the body text of your email

6) “Hi ____ , (question)?”

Questions are very provoking! Most people open question emails.

7) “Know this about (topic)”

Offer a helpful tip about a certain topic your prospect is interested in.

8) “Did you get what you were looking for”?

Great for following up with inbound leads! Maybe ask how you can help them?

9) [all lower case subject line]

Surprisingly, an all lower-case subject line will stand out to your prospect. As most draft emails are capitalized (SomEtIMes tOO MuCh)

10) “Hoping to help”

Many prospects will appreciate the gesture of wanting to help! (make sure you’re sincere too)

11) “A (benefit) for (prospects company)”

Maybe a new savings strategy for a business? An automated marketing system? a new way of following up?

12) “X tips for (pain point)”

People love lists! Plug in a number in your subject line!

13) “Where is the love?”

If your prospect seems to have vanished, use this to lighten up the situation!

14) “Idea for (topic prospect cares about)”

Free Ideas? Makes my life a little easier! *click*

15) “I found you through (referral name)”

Again, having some sort of referral is the golden ticket. According to Lead Genius, this subject line stands with an awesome 86.6% open rate.

16) “10 mins – (date)”

Short, simple, and right to it.

17) “I love everything in this email”

Very appealing subject line! They will be itching to know what it is you love so much! (make sure the content is lovable)

18) “So nice to meet you (prospects name)”

Let your prospect know you appreciate them visiting your page for the free e-book or pricing page.

19) “We have (insert fact) in common”

Look through your contacts LinkedIn in Facebook profile and look for similarities! Maybe you both use a software? Or you both like pizza? (who doesn’t like pizza)

20) “If you change your mind about partnering with (your company)”

Great to send to prospects who may not be interested anymore, puts the ball back in their court, and allows you to give them a couple last minute options.

21) “Feeling (emotion)? Let me help”

Look towards holidays! If Christmas is coming up you can say something along the lines of “feeling stressed? We can help”

22) “3 weekend ideas for you”

Great for re-engaging prospects! Look up some things in their city that they can do!

23) “Permission to close your file”

Can be a very effective “break up” email… or maybe it will get them back on board?

24) “Do you like baby pandas?”

Everybody loves baby pandas. Something to cheer up customers or maybe get them to laugh a little. If you can find a creative segue to your industry or business they’ll remember your company for sure because of this.

25) “Should I stay or should I go?”

If your prospect seems quiet, send them an email with this subject line.


If you have any subject lines that you have seen be successful please share it in the comments below!

Or, if you wanna take Keap’s subject line generator for a spin – try it out here >>

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Editor’s Note: This is a great list, filled with solid suggestions – but with any high level advice like this, different subject lines perform differently for different people.

So at the end of the day, remember to be authentic (don’t mislead people), be approachable (use your own voice, and personality), and when in doubt – keep it short and sweet.

Here are some of my best performing subject lines >>