All campaigns in Keap are a combination of goals and sequences – goals are the triggers, and sequences are what happens as a result.

And perhaps the most popular goal method is the Tag Applied goal (certainly the most versatile).

And recently, this little celebrity was upgraded with some brand new functionality.

Historically the Tag Applied goal could listen for the application of a tag, or any one from a set of tags.

But now, you can set up up the goal so that it’s only achieved once ALL of the tags on a set have been applied to a contact.

Any All Tag Goal Screenshot

This new functionality opens up lots of potential.

Like – let’s say you have three things you want your new members do to after they purchase:

1. Schedule a call
2. Fill out an assessment
3. Watch an orientation video

With this new functionality, you can structure your automation to continue to remind them until they’ve done all three of those things.

Any All Example Keap Campagin

Previously this would have been tricky, since the tag goal would have been achieved by any one of the tags – but now, it waits until the contact has all three before extracting them from the preceding automation.

Let’s take a look at another example in this video:

And – if you want to take this to another level, you can use Dynamic Content to make sure that the messaging is adjusted along the way.

If they’ve done two of the three things, you could hide those from the email so they’re only being prompted to do the last remaining item from the list.

The utility of this update goes on and on, feel free to share your own use cases in the comments below.