If you use appointments in your business then you probably are familiar with the old song-and-dance to get people book and then show up for their appointment.

(And I say ‘appointment’ but this process is also true for consults, for demos, or any other scheduled meeting.)

So when this question came up the other day I thought it was worth recording a demo of how you can use a super simple Keap campaign structure to a) invite people to book and b) remind them to show up for their appointment.

This process works for ScheduleOnce, AppointmentCore, Acuity, Calendly, or any other appointment booking tool that integrates wtih Keap.

Worth mentioning that PlusThis has integrations for Calendly and Acuity. Check those out here.

And, once they’ve booked the appointment you can remind them about it – and if you conduct your appointments on Zoom then here’s a little extra detail about how to streamline that process.

What to do next?

This was a simple campaign, but if you want to learn more about using the Advanced Automations feature inside Keap then check out this free course from Keap Academy.

And finally, this question originated inside my private community, if you think you’d benefit from a place to ask questions like this, then check out the OG membership pricing and details here.