With another Infusionsoft update being released this week, I thought I’d take a moment to give you my thoughts on the new features.

This update includes a handful of bug fixes, and then two much more noticeable changes.

So, without further ado, the first big change is the process of publishing a campaign. Now, when you click publish there will be a review process that analyzes your campaign and looks for red flags. It’ll show you the checklist, and give you a chance to address things if you’d like before proceeding.  There are some things about this feature that I love (like the ability to add people to this campaign that have previously met the criteria for a new tag goal you’ve added) and a few things I don’t (like not being able to see how many, if any, changes have been made to the campaign).

What it means to you: Well, functionally your campaigns haven’t changed, but this publishing checklist will help you publish more confidently, catch potential errors, and will prompt you to make improvements to your campaigns (like adding merge fields to personalize your emails).

The next feature of note is a super exciting one. In fact, I know a few people who have been reaching for this for years. We now have the ability to set a field to a specific value as a step in a sequence.

It probably has countless use cases, but here’s a video documenting my favorite one:

What it means to you: This means then when someone hits a certain point in a campaign we can automatically update part of their contact record to a certain value. This can impact where they show up on searches and reports, it can also affect what we’re merging into our emails. In addition, it unlocks some ninja strategies that previously were only available with the use of action sets.


So, all in all, another really solid release by Infusionsoft.

Kudos to the teams that worked on getting these out. If they can continue this momentum and keep introducing useful features (and fixes) in small but regular updates I’ll be totally content.