I had a great question the other day from one of my OG members, and it’s a question I have heard before, so I thought I’d create a resource to help answer it in case it’s something that your business has come across as well.

Question: How can I send automated reminders to my annual subscribers as their next payment approaches?

It’s a fairly straightforward question – I mean, if it’s a full year between payments, you should probably give that subscriber a little heads up that their card is going to be charged, right?

In the video below I’ll show you three methods for sending automated reminders to your subscribers as their renewal date approaches – and, I’ll show you a ninja trick for using undocumented modifiers on the date merge fields to tell the subscriber exactly when their next charge is going to be.

The demo above was built using Keap Max Classic (which was called Infusionsoft at the time), but this same approach would work for Max, Pro, or any version of Keap with the campaign builder (and subscription functionality).

So, as you saw, method one and two are totally native. They just use the built in features to count from the prior payment up toward the next one.

But the third method involves using a third-party tool to take things a little further and gives you the ability to count down as the next payment date approaches. I use PlusThis, but there are a variety of tools that can handle this – take a look at Zapier, FixYourFunnel, MyFusionHelper, or Novak Solutions to see what is the best fit for your business.