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This is my blog. I write about things I think you'll benefit from. You know, marketing tips and tricks, hacks, tools and general plain old Infusionsoft Education. Enjoy.

Tips for SuccessCon

I don't know how it happened but it's April already, and April as you likely know, is also SuccessCon-Eve-Month. Yup, that's a totally real and not-at-all made up thing. SuccessCon is next month, May 8-10th to be specific. I'm pumped and you should be too. (Just in...

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Looping Infusionsoft Campaigns

Looping Infusionsoft campaigns is a request that I see pop up at least once a month - it's one of those things that isn't exactly straightforward, but may be less complicated than you think. Before we dig into this I should say that if you are just looking for the...

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Calendly and Infusionsoft

There is an undisputable rule in marketing automation: if you have appointments or events to invite contacts to, and manage or negotiate in any way, you are wasting a boatload of time and giving yourself pointless headaches if you’re not using a scheduling tool. I’d...

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Campaign Builder 101

This post is the beginner's guide to understanding the campaign builder fundamentals. If you've never quite grasped why it's so powerful, or you just feel like you missed the first day of class, then this is the back-to-the-basics approach you might be after. The...

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Modern Forms from PlusThis

Let's see - how do I put this diplomatically?Infusionsoft web forms are....basic. (Jump straight to the fix?)They let people opt-in for stuff, they work with Infusionsoft leadsource tracking and affiliate tracking, but outside of that they don't have much going for...

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Infusionsoft Name Change

You may have heard the rumors that Infusionsoft is changing their name, and yes, it's true - it's finally out the in open. What's Infusionsoft's new name? (drumroll please....) Infusionsoft's new name is Keap The company is rebranding and the new name will be Keap....

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“Every time I’ve read your blog or log into the private Facebook user group I learn something new from the Monkeypod gang. And the courses that I’ve purchased and gone through have been invaluable to my business. Thanks!”

Randy Elder

President, Randy J. Elder, CPA, P,C.

“Greg is on my top 5 list of most Infusionsoft knowledgeable people on the planet.”

Kevin Mogavero

Founder, KRM Development

Greg is my Infusionsoft saviour. His passion and in-depth knowledge of the CRM, together with an incredible sense of humour, makes him the perfect person to calm you down when you are struggling with your CRM. I could not thank him enough for all the times when he saved me and showed me the little tricks that he has mastered over the years with Infusionsoft. If you work with Infusionsoft, Greg is the person to speak to.

Magdelena Oramus

Executive Assistant, Agero Group

When I joined Infusionsoft in 2012, Greg was the trainer assigned to me. He was absolutely the best! Recently, when I couldn’t figure something out, I wrote to Greg for help and, after answering my question, he suggested I join his membership program. I did, and it was a great decision. I learned more in the first three days then I had in the past few years.

My goal was to upgrade how I’m using Infusionsoft, and with the help of Greg and his team, it’s already happening. I’m hooked and appreciate all the help I’ve gotten already.

Joan Sotkin

Prosperity & Mindset Mentor, Prosperity Place

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I'm really happy I bought the course to quickly get comfortable with navigating and beginning to use Infusionsoft.

I feel that I saved myself a lot of time and headache by not spinning my wheels on my own.

Thanks for the high-quality (and entertaining) instruction, Greg!

Jennica Mayfield

Founder, Boscus Digital