A number of years ago I published a series of three blog posts highlighting common “gotchas” that trip people up inside Keap’s Campaign Builder.

Gotcha 1 | Gotcha 2 | Gotcha 3

Well, here we are now and while Infusionsoft is now Keap, and the campaign builder is now Advanced Automations – the gotchas still persist.

And today we’re highlighting another wrinkle in the campaign builder behavior that if you don’t know about it can definitely trip people up.

Check it out:

So, to summarize succinctly – if a contact is in a campaign, that means they can achieve any goal on the campaign canvas.

Even if the goal is not directly (or indirectly) attached to the sequence they are in.

gotcha for contacts inside Keap

This behavior isn’t good or bad – it’s just how it works.

If a contact is in a campaign, then they can achieve all the goals in that same campaign, even if they’re in a completely disconnected structure.

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What to do next?

Well, if you’re looking to level up your campaign builder muscles (and reduce the ‘gotchas’ you don’t know about), then check out the Advanced Automations Complete Collection.

And finally, if you would benefit from a place to ask Keap questions, then check out the OG membership pricing and details here.