Every now and again I see questions pop up when someone needs to use Keap to send an email and CC (or BCC) someone else.

CC or BCC email with Keap

There are plenty of use cases where you might want this type of functionality – most commonly introducing two peoeple, connecting someone to their account manager, or looping in a third-party.

And while the Keap email builder doesn’t have a native option to CC someone else, there are a few ways to do this.

Can Keap automatically send an email and CC (or BCC) someone?

With a little creativity, the answer is “Yes”.

This video demonstrates two methods – one native option for Max Classic users, and an option for all Keap users through Zapier.

So to recap – it is possible.

Method One:

If you have access to the legacy templates section, you can set up a template that includes a CC or BCC, and then trigger that email with an Action Set.

This route is totally native.

Method Two:

Or, you can use an HTTP post to trigger a zap – and send the email through another service that way.

This option does require a paid subscription to Zapier.

But either way, hopefully you’ve got an option to have Keap automatically send your CC or BCC email.

Feel free to share any other methods you’ve used for tackling this scenario in the comments below.