Update: I discovered a built in Zapier feature that makes this a little easier. If you use the “pick from list” formatter function you can cut out the Google Sheets step I outlined below.

Just a fun little trick this week, nothing ground shattering – but a nice way to layer a little excitement into your marketing.

An interesting question came up in the Monkeypod Grove the other day:

How can I set up a rotating gif?

I always love a good challenge, so I sat down to try and solve it, and with a little help from Zapier we had a solution that gave Brett exactly what he was after.

After recording this super specific video I realized that this exact same concept could be applied in all sorts of scenarios – you could use the GIF tactic for customer facing communication, or for an automated Tweet after someone buys, or any countless other scenarios.

Give the video a watch and let me know what other use cases come to mind:

Also, I mentioned that I recorded this video as an answer to Brett’s question in our private membership group. I love solving problems like this, and if you find yourself with questions from time to time, you might get a lot from the OG Membership – check out the details here.