As you may have seen in my 2019 recap, one of the highlights last year was participating in the The Membership Experience course (formerly known as TRIBE) – in this post I want to share the Monkeypod Success Path (jump to it), which one perhaps the single biggest take-away I had last year.

Wait – what is Tribe?

Tribe is a course on memberships – or, it was. It’s been rebranded and is now called The Membership Experience™.

Whether you’ve already got a membership, or you want one, it’s all about leveling up.

Here’s a series of Facebook lives sharing the story of why I bought this course in the first place (I definitely didn’t plan to) and recapping my experience with the actual content my first time through.

If this sounds like your jam, I recommend this free guide that covers some of the core principles they teach in The Membership Experience™.

As I’ve been talking about Tribe and hyping up the workshop series, I’ve had a few people ask:

“What were your big take-aways last year?”

And I’ve been kind of reluctant to share too much – because I don’t want to give away any of their secret sauce.

But in yesterday’s workshop they talked a lot about The Success Path concept – which was definitely a light bulb moment for me in 2019.

What is a Success Path?

Stu describes the success path as the most important part of any membership.

It gives your members clarity so that instead of having to figure things out on their own, they have clear directions on where they’re going, and what they need to do in order to get there.

The success path is also a guide to help you with creating content, for designing your marketing, and to help with retention. It’s the cohesive theme woven throughout your entire membership experience.

So, the success path was a big light bulb moment for me – I’ve always known the OG Membership was valuable – but I had struggled to clearly articulate why, and to help members quantify their growth.

This is a huge part of The Membership Experience™ course – he also talks more about his membership philosophy in this free guide.

Rather than try to explain it myself, I thought I’d share the success path I designed as part of my participation in last years course.

The Monkeypod Success Path

Okay – so, the video below is an overview video that I did last June as I was right smack in the middle of the course.

I originally recorded this so I could lay my thoughts out, and get some feedback from my members on the success path stages – but I wanted to share it here because it’s a good snap shot of what was experiencing during the course last year:

So after getting some feedback – I clarified things further, and created the following video series.

(And as proud as I am of what I’ve laid out below, I should say that part of why I’m going through the course again this year is because I want to revisit this, and see if I can clarify it even further.)

Now remember – these videos were recorded for my members, but I’m sharing them here because I think it illustrates the success path concept better than I could explain on my own.

Without any further ado – here’s the Monkeypod Success Path:

OG Success Path Overview

This video introduces the success path concept, and covers the stages at a high level so members can identify where they are currently, where they’d like to be, and the path that will take them there.

Stage One: Basecamp

Stage one is where we get clear on what problem we are solving, who we’re solving it for, and then how we’ll get paid. This may sound basic, but it’s the foundation on which everything else is built.

Stage Two: Navigator

Stage two is all about getting your bearings. If you’re in this stage you should focus on getting clear on where Infusionsoft fits, and defining it’s responsibilities (like, if it were an employee then what would it’s job description say).

Stage Three: Trailblazer

Stage three is where you really start to connect the dots – but now, you can see the value that automation will offer, and you’ve experienced some success, but you still get frustrated more often then you’d like.

Stage Four: Summit Squad

If you’re in stage four it means you feel confident using automation throughout your business, you mainly use the group for community, and for new ideas. The focus for this stage is on refining your customer journey.

Stage Five: Trail Guides

Businesses in this stage use the group for the community, to keep a pulse on emerging trends and tools, and to draw inspiration for their own business. The focus for stage five members is on spotting repeatable patterns that produce results.

OG Success Path Recap

Remember, the Success Path isn’t so much about where you are, or where others are – but it’s about growth, and progress. Keep moving forward, use the group when you get stuck, and keep asking questions.

I know that was a lot of detail – but I really felt like the best way to show you what a success path is, is sharing the actual Monkeypod Success Path I created for the OG Membership.

What to do next?

Remember – the success path concept, this whole blog post, is just one of the take-aways I got from the Tribe course last year.

If you’ve got a membership of your own, or plans for one, do yourself a favor and download his free membership guide.

Okay – if you have questions about what I covered here, or if you found it valuable – please share it with someone or leave a comment below. Thanks!