The other day a question came up in the private Monkeypod community – Deborah was asking how she can set up a campaign that reminders her subscribers about an event that happens each month on the last Sunday.

deborahs question

Generally a looping campaign isn’t that difficult – but this one was unique, because the last Sunday of the month changes (sometimes there are 4, sometimes there are 5 Sundays in a given month).

But we came up with a perfectly serviceable solution – it just required a tiny touch of human intervention.

But I knew it could be better.

So when I shared the campaign I had suggested, I invited people to call out ways it could be cleaner, or fully automated – and was thrilled at the replies I got.

I love puzzles like these, and I hope following along helps you solve challenges in your own business as well.

Thanks to Deborah for the question, and to Christine and Devan for their recommendations on how this could be solved.

As you saw, Devan’s solution includes the use of PlusThis – if you don’t have a PlusThis account yet you can check it out or start a free trial here.