Zapier is a robust and powerful tool – there’s no shortage of ways it can help solve problems or provide valuable connections between tools.

And if the functionality you need is always predictable, “if A happens, do B” then building Zaps is fairly straightforward.

But sometimes we need more nuanced logic than that – and so in this demo we’re going to look at different methods for choose which tag gets applied based on and number of variables.

Dynamic Tagging with Zapier

So, imagine you are using a third-party survey tool – maybe SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, TypeForm, or something like that.

Now if someone submits the survey we can easily tag them as “Survey Submitted” – that part is simple enough.

But what if you want to apply different tags based on how they answered the questions on the survey? Then things get a little more complex.

In this demo we’ll talk through a variety of options, starting with a simple look-up table, and progressing through to more advanced solutions with spreadsheet formulas and Google Sheets. Ready? Let’s dance:

That was cool, can I have those formulas?

Of course, thanks for asking.
Here’s the formula for “show this if that is present, or show nothing” – replace the column and “if that is is present” values and Tag IDs with your own:
=IF(REGEXMATCH(INDIRECT("A" & ROW()), "yes I want thing A"), "610", "")

Here’s the formula for “show this if this is present, show that if that is present” – replace the column (currently A), “option A” with your own, and tag IDs:

=IF(REGEXMATCH(INDIRECT("A" & ROW()), "option A"), "612", "614")

Here’s the formula for “show this for if they said x, show this for if they said y, show this for if they said y” – yep, you guessed it, replace with your own values as needed. For more than 3, it’ll need some finessing you can reach out to me (Jade) or Moshe for help:

=IF(REGEXMATCH(INDIRECT("A" & ROW()),"small"),"616",IF(REGEXMATCH(INDIRECT("A" & ROW()),"medium"),"618",IF(REGEXMATCH(INDIRECT("A" & ROW()),"large"),"620","")))

Wrapping It Up

So, in this example we talked about dynamically tagging based on the responses from a survey – but this same process could be used for any number of scenarios using information you gather about an individual. If you’re asking questions on a lead capture, you can segment based on the responses – or if you’re processing purchases through a third-party cart, you could tag based on details from their transaction, etc.

Any Zapier free training?

Actually, yes – there is a Zapier 101 course inside the Keap Academy platform featuring a variety of real world scenarios where Zapier provides important connection or functionality.

And, there’s a second course filled with more examples if you really want to level up.