For a few years now we’ve been building the Keap Academy platform and filling it with free and valuable content for Keap users

And recently we crossed 25k enrollments, which is a meaningful milestone for our little team.

So we’re doing a decent job helping people find and access the content we produce, but one improvement we’ve wanted to make is creating an automated process that starts when someone finishes a course and recommends a logical next course to keep the momentum going.

The challenge is that we needed this recommendation process to take into account variables like what courses they have or haven’t already done and what version of Keap they have.

So here’s what we came up with:

This automation is designed for us to help the Keap Academy contacts continue their learning with our free resources, and build momentum that helps their business.

But this same approach could be used in myriad business scenarios where you have multiple products you offer, or competing CTAs; or any other scenario where you have a body of people with different needs to want to be able to help support as they make progress.

Alright – there you have it.

This automation is a micro example of an intentional and evergreen journey.

It starts when someone completes a course (or stalls out in one), and it stops when they start a new course. We’ve currently set it up so that the invites are only sent once, but conceivable we could design a V2 of this campaign with a new branch for repeat visitors that recommends the same set up courses using different language, or makes a completely different set of recommendations.

Where do I learn more?

Keap Academy offers a course all about journey design – Lifecycle Automation. If you’re interested in adding structure and predictability to the experience your leads and customers have, this is for you.