So, if you have a website then the odds are pretty good that you also use Google Analytics.

And if you do, then you might have seen some emails like these, telling you it’s time to update to GA4.

Sunset GA4

I ignored an email or two, but Google Analytics kept reminding me that this change was coming and that I needed to update.

I gave it a try – but quickly got frustrated, and so I reached out to two friends, Jade and Paul, for help.

They were kind enough to not only help get me updated to GA4, but they also recorded the entire thing to serve as a guide for anyone else navigating this change.

Here’s part 1:

Now, as you saw, they hit a snag when they didn’t have access to Google Tag Manager – so once I gave them the right permissions they continued on with part two of this process:

I know that sometimes it feels like there’s a never ending list of things to learn, especially for entrepreneurs. So I hope this post, and the videos you just watched, help this process feel clearer, and more manageable.

But, that said, if you would like help with this process don’t hesitate to reach out to Paul or Jade.

Remember, not everything that needs to be done needs to be done by you. You got this.