Ready for Spiffy?

Make the most out of your existing traffic

Thanks for joining us on the Conversion Optimization webinar – the webinar replay is available here.

If you’re just here for the free checklist with tips for optimizing your checkout pages – then here ya go.

Or, if you want to take advantage of the audit service that Michael mentioned – you can grab that here.

But if you’re curious about Spiffy, then stick around…

So, should you get Spiffy?

Short answer: Yes, absolutely.

Long Answer: Maybe…absolutely.

I love endorsing products that have earned my trust and are valuable to my business – and there is no doubt that Spiffy is one such product, but beyond the actual impact is has on my sales it’s also a product that was developed by friends of mine – Michael and Jeremy.

And it’s always nice to do business with people I like.

To be clear – I AM a Spiffy affiliate, so if you’re going to sign up for Spiffy I’d love it if you’d use my link. (Here’s the link)

But you shouldn’t get Spiffy just because I said so, you should use it because because it’s a good product that can help your business grow by improving the checkout experience you create for your customers.

In a matter of minutes, literally minutes, you can have a version of Spiffy implemented on your order forms that immediately takes them to the next level.

Here’s my before and after:



And if you’re wondering what type of an impact implementing Spiffy had on my business, well, then you’re asking the right questions.

I was averaging about 12 course sales a month before I implemented Spiffy (12.1 actually), and since implementing Spiffy I’m averaging 16 orders per month. I noticed an immediate and meaningful impact.

I know – there are probably other factors involved, but one less measurable impact I felt was that I was more confident in my sales pages.

I felt good sending people there because I knew they represented my brand in a way I could be proud of (and that they were mobile responsive).

If you want to see a demo of what it’s like to use Spiffy – then check out this blog post of mine.

And if you’d like a checklist for optimizing your checkout pages – then download it here.