You can write your Keap emails in whatever language makes the most sense – right?

But if you want to use the date merge fields to personalize your content, then when it merges in the month (or the day of the week), it can disrupt the whole message.

day of week language

That’s not exactly gonna fly.

It begs the question, how do I create custom date merge fields for any language?

Multilingual Merge Fields

Well, the native date merge fields merge in English, but I saw a possible clever solution posted in a group – and it sparked an idea.

If you can dedicate a custom field to ‘day of the week’, you could use automation to continually update that field in whatever language(s) you deliver your content.

Check it out:

This is a solution to a relatively niche problem, but often times clever workarounds like these can spark ideas for unrelated issues.

If you see utility outside of the specific context offered in the video, I’d love to hear where else this might be valuable.

Thanks for reading!