Yvonne_Question_BlogThis is an awesome question about using a Heat Map to see your prospects or customers, and it comes from one of the Monkeypod OG Members, Yvonne. (Curious about membership?)

Anyway, Yvonne has been collecting information about her prospects and she wanted to view all of her prospects, but not in a list, rather she wanted to see them spread out geographically. This is commonly referred to as a Heat Map.

It’s a totally reasonable request, and heat mapping is a pretty common business practice. It’s a great way to identify trends in your business, or new markets that might be able to support an event, or in Yvonne’s case, what areas might be a good fit for a possible expansion.

Just to be clear, there are actually a few different definitions of Heat Mapping. For example, plenty of businesses will use a heat mapping plugin on their web site to give them data about where people are clicking.But in this case, I’m talking about taking a statistical set of data (like customer locations), and mapping it out geographically to see what you can learn.

This isn’t a feature that is built into Keap natively, but it can be done. Lemme show you:

Update: Just got a message from a good friend and award winning marketer, Brett Fairbourn, letting me know that the link to create a heap map has been updated since the original post was published – here’s the new one.